The second pre-requisite towards self-development is actually all in your head. This revolves around attaining the right frame of mind. Truth be told, this affects how you see things, how you view the world, and even how you perceive yourself. Ultimately, all the abovementioned affects behavior.

Essentially, mental preparedness may be simply coined as a mindset. In turn, this reflects your life principles and beliefs. This is also shown by how much is a person committed to said principles and beliefs. When the commitment is enough, this is what is referred to as a mindset.

A mindset that is focused will always be driven, resilient, and persevering. This is the mentality that will urge you to continue when facing setbacks, to go through with the task at hand right to the end. With this, you would be more confident to take risks and be less afraid to make mistakes.

With this, you no longer need to be a scared little mouse of a person who is afraid to even try. Why? Because you understand that you will always get back up when you fall down.

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The second facet is mental preparedness for continuity.