There is a monumental difference between being alone and being lonely. Although both share similar etymologies, it is perhaps one of the most misconstrued terminologies. To be lonely will always have a negative connotation. Meanwhile, being alone may be seen in a positive light: solitude.

Often we see people scared of being alone... to be with one's own company... to be alone with one's own thoughts. Such a scenario is common for those who are not at peace with their own self. It is quite unfortunate how some people have discontent, regret, and even fear among other things when left on their own. Some reach the point of anxiousness wherein there is inability to function normally.

On the other hand, some find tranquiliy in being alone. Some might even say there is beauty and joy in it. There are just some things that you can only do in solitude so as it will be satisfying. A perfect example might just be a fart, don't you think?

MikeDAntiThesis Creator

Be absolutely fine with being in your own company.