Majority of the people that I come across these days are so obsessed with making everybody like them. Obsessed to the point where thinking if everyone likes them actually leads to anxiety. And on top of that, it seems that most tend to forget to like themselves too.

There are just some people who will actively pursue to please each and every other person they meet. In the process, they become a chimera of positive traits that do not paint a pretty picture. And should you ask them "Do you like what you have become?", the response is either a lie or silence (insert cricket sfx).

Moreover, the frustratingly funny part is the fact that with the world population, it is already an absolute certainty that there will always be people who will not like them. It is just sad that some people are not at peace with that fact. With that said, I pray that You actually like yourself... because in case you haven't realized it yet, you are to spend your entire lifetime with that person.

MikeDAntiThesis Creator

Living life and improving it begins upon accepting yourself