"Honesty is the best policy." That is something of an immemorial quotation, is it not? So timeless that probably all of us have heard it at some point.

Although these days, it seems that there are less and less people who appreciate honesty. For some tragic reason, it has come to a point where facts that hurt feelings are condemned, and speaking uncomfortable truths automatically makes you a bad person.

But nevertheless, personal experiences have made me realize that leading with honesty is something that makes life less complicated in the long run. By always speaking truthfully, there are no secrets to keep track of; no worries about issues, just plain and simple truth.

Imagine a life wherein you wholeheartedly respond with a "Yes." when asked "Do I look fat in this dress?". A world where you are forward and direct to the point. One where you will always say what you mean, and mean what you say. It sounds so elementary. Yet, such a life is not for everyone. Some might even say its going to be boring. However, for someone like me, it sure is magnificently efficient.

On the other hand, brutal honesty can and will result to hurt feelings. Particularly hurt will be people who are used to having others appease them. Those who are accustomed to hearing only what they want to hear. As a brutally honest man, I have experienced being depicted as a heartless and insensitive devil for speaking something that is factual.

It's ironic, isn't it? But then again, c'est la vie.

MikeDAntiThesis Creator

Why I always tell the truth.