Life in its entirety has always been, currently is, and will always involve you having things to get done. From chores people always have to do upto the daily grind for work, everybody has something they need to do. Unfortunately for most people, the repetetiveness of living takes its toll on them. Meanwhile, there are some who are still able to smile under similar circumstances.

So the question is this: "What differs?"

There is a plethora of things that make the difference. However, perhaps the most iconic one is when a person generally tries to find joy in every undertaking. Regardless of what task is at hand, trying to have fun while doing it definitely makes it more worthwhile, more doable, more bearable, and even much more satisfying.

Right now, you are probably thinking along the lines of "How?", aren't you? Incorporating fun in tasks may be seen from different perspectives. It could be in its completion, or in the outcome, or perhaps in the process. There are some who enjoyed doing something (even if it ended in failure) because they learned something new. Thus the question now becomes this: What's it going to be for you?

You might have an answer for that already or not. But either way, you could be on a journey to find out. And for that, I bid you good luck. And of course, try to have fun.

MikeDAntiThesis Creator

In all you do, always try to view it from an enjoyable point of view.