There is an extremely high number of people who are stuck in situations which they do not like to be in. There are people who are in jobs that they just dislike doing. There are people who are in places that they wish to get away from. Hell, there are those who are in relationships that are just bad for them. An insurmountable amount of people are just, well, stuck.

That concept begs the question, "Why?"... Why are they choosing to be stuck in there?

I have been contemplating this question for quite some time now. I have observed that there are a wide range of reasons that might serve as the answer. However, the most common of them all is that most people just do not consider walking away as an option for them.

Here's a tough pill to swallow. People who think leaving a bad situation is not an option primarily because of fear. Fear of missing out, of being alone, of losing what was already invested, of starting over, et cetera. Due to this, people tend to overvalue what is in the bad situation while practically devaluing themselves (their time, energy, resources, focus and attention).

Honestly, to be willing and able to walk away from a bad deal is a superpower. This is much more true in this day and age. Why do I say that? Because being able to turn around with stoic indifference is one of the most exemplary ways to set boundaries; to have and maintain self-respect. And self-respect is a trait that is greatly lacking from the majority of the population right now.

If you're still not convinced, let's play a game. I am quite certain that you have had an experience where you can honestly tell yourself that you should have left sooner. Now, let the what-if-games begin.

Ask yourself and be honest, "What could have been if only you had left sooner?"

Good luck with your thoughts. Have fun.

MikeDAntiThesis Creator

To be willing and able to walk away from a bad deal is a superpower.