Chapter 2: Heart of the Champion

Scene: Three teenagers are in their boxing poses in front of Ruckee.

A guy with a dark complexion, kinky hair, and a bulky build passes by. He is almost six feet tall and weighs around 100kg.

Big Guy: Huh.

The big guy notices the scene where three kids are about to fight Ruckee.

Big Guy (thinking): Three against one? Are you kidding me?

Ruckee takes his boxing stance and starts bouncing on his feet.

Big Guy (thinking): Oh, a boxing stance. At least the kid knows something.

Ruckee initiates the attack.

Big Guy (thinking): Interesting, attacking first against three opponents.

Ruckee throws a hook punch.

Big Guy (thinking): A hook punch!

The bully puts his hand on Ruckee's forehead and straightens his arm.

Ruckee's punch misses.

Big Guy (thinking): As expected, the opponent has a reach advantage. There's no way he can land that punch.

Bully 1: This is how you do a hook punch.

The bully hook punches Ruckee in the face. Ruckee falls to the ground.

Bully 2: This kid is too weak. Bully 3: I hope I get my turn too.

Ruckee remembers his father getting punched in the face by a hook punch.

Ruckee: Dad!

Start of Flashback

Scene: Hospital, one year ago

Ruckee: Dad, you should be training right now! You have a fight soon! Mike (Dad): I can't leave you here, Ruckee. Ruckee: Don't worry about me, Dad. I want you to become a champion.

Dad: Ruckee, always remember, being a champion isn't just about winning belts and medals. [Points to Ruckee's heart] It's about what's in here—the determination, resilience, and passion that drive you forward, even when things get tough. That, my son, is the heart of a champion.

Fight Day

TV: Mike Ross vs. Kayne Goble Ruckee is watching from the hospital.

Commentator 1: Knockdown! Commentator 2: A strong hook punch from Kayne to Mike’s face! Scene: Mike on the floor

Ruckee looks confused and speechless.

Commentator 1: Mike is non-responsive!

Ruckee: Stand up, Dad!

Ruckee: Stand up! Don’t give up!

End of flashback

Ruckee opens his eyes.

- to be continued

Jeipi Oyams Creator

Ruckee faces three bullies, testing his courage and boxing skills. A bystander takes notice, adding an unexpected twist. A flashback reveals a powerful lesson from Ruckee's father about the true essence of being a champion. This episode explores resilience, determination, and the heart of a fighter, setting the stage for Ruckee's ongoing journey.