Chapter 3: Shout of Spirit

Scene: Ruckee standing up.

The bullies are surprised.

Bully 1: What the...! Ruckee: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

An aura surrounds Ruckee's body.

Big Guy (thinking): What a strong spirit!

Ruckee runs at one of the bullies.


Bully 1 (looking anxious): Like you can touch me again!

Ruckee punches at the bully's stomach, but the punch misses as the bully holds Ruckee's head again.

Ruckee: YAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

The bully feels like he's been hit hard in the stomach.

Bully 1: This is impossible. You didn't even hit me. Why does it feel like I got hit?

The other two bullies are about to punch Ruckee.

Ruckee suddenly loses consciousness.

Bully 2: The kid passed out. It's our chance to mob him.

Suddenly, the bullies drop to the ground.

The big guy appears, protecting Ruckee.

Character description shown: Sensei Ali Diaz, 35 years old, Karate instructor

Sensei Ali: It’s his KIAI that hits you. You boxers won’t understand because you only rely on physical strength. KIAI means the shout of spirit. It’s the energy released during an attack. It won't hurt you physically but will hurt you mentally.

Bully 2: Why did we drop to the ground? Bully 1 (thinking): Did this guy leg sweep all three of us?


The bullies attack Ali.

Sensei Ali takes a guard stance.

Sensei Ali: Looks like you need a demonstration to understand.

He performs a strong roundhouse kick with his back foot.

Sensei Ali: KIAI!

(The kick hits only the air.)

The three bullies back off.

Bully 1: Feels like I was almost hit by a car. Bully 2: What if it actually hit us? That would send us flying. Bully 3: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Ruckee is still unconscious.

Sensei Ali: Looks like I have a new student.

- To be continued -

Jeipi Oyams Creator

Ruckee faces off against his bullies, revealing an indomitable spirit that surprises everyone, including a mysterious onlooker. As the confrontation intensifies, Ruckee's resolve is put to the test, leading to an unexpected intervention by a skilled martial artist. This episode explores themes of inner strength and the power of the spirit, setting the stage for new alliances and future challenges.