Chapter 5: HAJIME

Ruckee: Okay, who wants to play KUMITE?

Sensei Ali grabs Ruckeeā€™s shirt and lifts him off the mat.

Sensei Ali: (shouting) You cannot just enter the tatami mat without a proper uniform! And where did you get those gloves!?

Ruckee: Hahaha, I just saw them on the shelf.

Sensei Ali: (shouting) Those belong to someone else!

Ruckee: Please let me spar, Sensei. Please, please, please, just this once!

Sensei Ali: Sigh.

A kid among the students speaks up.

Leo: Let me spar with him, Sensei.

New character: Leo Jean U12 Kumite Male -30kg 1-time Australian National Champion

Sensei Ali: Leo!?

Leo: (bowing to Sensei) Please, Sensei, allow me to introduce him to kumite.

Sensei Ali: Very well. Ruckee, you need to wear full equipment. Gloves are not enough.

Ruckee: Yahoooo! Okay!

Scene: Ruckee and Leo facing each other on the tatami mat.

Ruckee: What is all this equipment? I feel like I'm wearing medieval armor!

(Aside from boxing gloves and mouthguard to protect your hands and teeth,)

(Foot and shin guards are protecting his legs,)

(Chest protector covering his chest,)

(I'm wearing this uncomfortable helmet (Ruckee touching his head guard),)

(And there's even a groin guard! (Ruckee tapping the groin guard))

Ruckee: How can I move freely with all this!?!?!?!

Sensei Ali: Okay, I will be the referee. This round lasts for 30 seconds. The player with the highest score wins.

Sensei Ali: Ruckee, when you hear me say the word HAJIME, the bout starts. And when you hear me say YAME, you must stop fighting immediately. Do you understand, Ruckee?

Ruckee: Understood.

Sensei Ali: Okay, HAJIME!

Ruckee's first kumite match begins!!!

Jeipi Oyams Creator

Ruckee, clad in full gear but feeling uneasy, eagerly gears up for his debut kumite match guided by Sensei Ali. As he adjusts to his protective equipment, excitement builds for his first real test on the tatami mat.