Title: KIAI - Shout of Spirit

[Music: "Eye of the Tiger"]

[Scene: Rocky Balboa getting punched by Apollo Creed. Rocky Balboa punching back and knocking out Apollo Creed. Rocky Balboa raises his hand with the Championship Belt.]

Ruckee: Amaziiiinggggg!

[Ruckee, 8 years old, shouts with excitement.]

Title: KIAI - Shout of Spirit

Chapter 1: Eye of the Tiger

In the heart of the dojo, amidst the hushed reverence of onlookers, the warriors of karate engage in the ultimate test of skill and spirit: kumite. With lightning-fast strikes and precise footwork, they dance on the edge of control, each movement a declaration of discipline and determination. The air crackles with anticipation as they exchange blows, their bodies moving as one in a symphony of strength and grace. And as the crescendo of the battle nears its peak, a single word echoes through the chamber: kiai – a shout of spirit that reverberates with the force of a thousand souls, igniting the flames of passion and purpose in every fighter's heart.

[Scene outside a boxing gym.]

Ruckee: What!?

Boxing gym staff: Sorry, you're too young for boxing sparring.

Ruckee: But I’m ready!

Boxing gym staff: Even if you're ready, there's no one here for you to spar with. Look around you, the youngest is a teenager!

[On one side of the gym.]

Boxing student no 1: Is he Mike Ross's son?

Boxing coach 1: Yes, he is. The champion who died due to a head injury.

Boxing student no 1: I feel sorry for the kid. It must have been tough for him.

[Three bully teenagers in the boxing gym look at Ruckee and smile.]

Ruckee: Sigh. I need to find a way for them to accept me in their gym.

Bully Teenager 1: Hey kid, do you want to spar in the gym?

Ruckee: Yes!

Bully Teenager 2: We have an idea. We will do boxing sparring, and if you're able to beat us, you can be accepted into the gym.

Ruckee: (I'm at a disadvantage because they are teenagers, but I have to do whatever it takes.)

Ruckee: Okay, I’m okay with that.

[Scene: Park near the gym.]

Ruckee: Are we not doing it in a boxing ring?

Bully 1: Nah, you need to be a member first before you can box in the ring.

Bully 2: Okay, let’s start.

Ruckee: Okay, where are the boxing gloves?

Bully 3: Who said we need boxing gloves?

Bully 2: We're gonna box without them.

Bully 1: And you're gonna fight the three of us at the same time.

Ruckee: What!?

-To be continued

Jeipi Oyams Creator

In Chapter 1 of "KIAI - Shout of Spirit," young Ruckee, inspired by a champion's triumph, confronts obstacles at a boxing gym. Accepting a challenge from bullies, he embarks on a risky endeavor, setting the stage for a thrilling tale of determination and resilience in his pursuit of glory.