Chapter 4: Let's Play Kumite!

Kiai! Kiai! Kiai!

Ruckee opens his eyes.

Ruckee: What is that noise?

Ruckee sees kids practicing kihon (fundamentals).

Ruckee: What's with these kids wearing white clothes?

Ruckee sees kids performing kata (forms).

Ruckee: Are they dancing?

Ruckee sees kids engaging in kumite (sparring).

Ruckee: Whoa! These kids are boxing!

Ruckee: Their boxing gloves are different though. The fingers are exposed, and they don’t wear hand wraps.

Ruckee watches a kid deliver a mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) to the head.

Ruckee: Whoa, they can kick! That's dangerous!

Ruckee: WHAT KIND OF BOXING IS THIS!? It has kicks, and kids are allowed to spar!

Sensei Ali suddenly appears.

Sensei Ali: That’s not boxing. This is 'Kumite.'

Ruckee: Kumite?

Sensei Ali: Kumite means sparring. This is where two players face each other on the mat to showcase their fighting techniques.

Ruckee: (thinking) This man is huge!

Ruckee recalls this is the same guy who appeared before he lost consciousness.

Ruckee: (thinking) I remember him from the park.

Ruckee suddenly feels his swollen face.

Ruckee: Ouch! What happened to those three kids?

Ali: Don’t worry about them. I’ll make sure they won’t bother you again.

Ali: By the way, what's your name, kid?

Ruckee: I’m Ruckee Ross! And I’m 7 years old

Ali: My name is Ali Diaz. I’m the sensei of this dojo.

Ruckee: Sorry, I don’t understand what you just said.

Ali: Hahaha! It’s okay, that happens all the time.

Ali: “Sensei” means teacher, and “dojo” is like a karate gym.

Ruckee: Karate what?

Sensei Ali looks smiling but disappointed.

Sensei Ali: (thinking) Oh my god, does this kid know anything?

Sensei Ali: Karate is a martial art that originated in Japan. You know boxing, right? Boxing only has punches, but karate has punches, kicks, and takedowns.

Ruckee: Oh, amazing! Can I try sparring?

Sensei Ali: Already!? You need to learn the basics first! (Sensei looks shocked)

Ruckee: I know how to punch. (Ruckee demonstrates boxing punches: jab, jab, jab, straight punch)

Sensei Ali: Boxing and karate both have punches, but the techniques are different.

(Ruckee suddenly disappears.)

Sensei Ali: Where did he go!?

Shouts come from inside the tatami mat.

Voice: Hey kid, why are you here? You’re not wearing your karate gi!

Tatami mat - It's like a yoga mat where karate practitioners train.
Karate gi - The white uniform worn by karate practitioners.

Ruckee: These gloves look cool!

Ruckee is wearing red karate gloves in the middle of the tatami mat.

Ruckee: Okay, who wants to play KUMITE?

Sensei Ali looks shocked!Sensei Ali: (shouting) WHHHAAAT!!!

Jeipi Oyams Creator

Ruckee wakes up to unusual noises and discovers kids practicing a martial art. He meets Sensei Ali, who introduces him to the world of karate, sparking Ruckee's interest and leading to an unexpected adventure.