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WebKomPH Kantunan Podcast (September 26,2020) - Special Guest Hiro Yuugi of Cyra: The Vampire Classes We are happy to announce that we are having our weekly podcast dedicated for webkomph.com specific stuff. The show is typically every Saturday at 9pm Ph time. We will be interviewing webkomph kreators and talk also about happenings in webkomph community. Current Topics: Interview with Hiro Yuugi kreator of Cyra: The Vampire Classes Kreator Profile https://webkomph.com/profile/hiroyuugi Cyra: the Vampire Classes Series https://webkomph.com/series/cyra-the-... Mikushi: The Rape Reapers https://webkomph.com/series/mikushi-t... Other side topics: WebKom Mascot Contest WebKom Tribes Slow internet in the Philippines Random topics