One would think that the palace in its grandeur was comfortable to live in, that most royals would not do anything to keep their kingdom afloat and yet there are more than what meets the eye in the secret of the olden walls of the Eliesium Palace, one the public was not ready to face.


Pacing footsteps were heard upon the smooth tiled floor, the golden rays coming through the window not suiting the mood of the three people who were in the room. Eerie and solemn, almost suffocating like a hand that was gripping your throat.


“Your Majesty,” A voice called out in worry. “What cause you to pace and worry so? You have not shown this kind of behavior before. What troubles you?”


The adviser was a man who looked like he was in his thirties, dressed in royal rich red robes worthy of the wealthy, fastened by a golden sash on his hips while a necklace of gold adorned his neck. He was pale in nature with night black hair that reached his nape and earthly brown eyes that were piercing, a tall and intimidating man worthy to be called an adviser when he had wise and cunning. His name was Joseph.


The addressed woman paused, looking over at Joseph, red lips pursed as she regarded him. Queen Elizabeth, ruler of Antheia, considered her answer before she finally let out a sigh, curly burgundy hair tumbling down her clavicle and framing her heart shaped face while green eyes stared into the distance as she stopped pacing.


“Indeed I have not, you are quick witted as always, Joseph. You pick up on things pretty fast,” she whispered, while she walked over to the arc shaped open windows, her velvety white and luxurious dress swishing as she pressed her gloved hand to her cheek. “Should I tell? Should I not? Would it affect the kingdom or my reign? Of that I have to make sure, could you help me and give me insights?”


There’s a poignant silence before the other woman in the room makes herself known.


“You speak as if the whole kingdom will fall from this, Your Majesty. Is it really that distressing that you think the adviser cannot give his say?” Mayora, sister of Queen Elizabeth, asked. She looked like a replica of the queen, except she was more muscular in build and was wearing a red gown, burgundy hair put up into a bun that had curls on the sides of her temple.


Queen Elizabeth gives her a small glare that has no meaning before she returns her gaze to the kingdom that was laid bare for all to see from the grand view of the large window, forestage and greenery surrounding each and every corner that was open. “You do not know how burdening it is to be sent a dream that is most disturbing that it will haunt you for weeks on end, sister. But perhaps I should stop delaying now yes?” her eyes turn back to the advisor.


“Do you have a say in this and provide me better insight?”


“I shall do my best, Your Majesty. It is most important to know what has been plaguing you and put your mind at ease from such dreams. A rather surprising happenstance given that you rarely show your emotions. Let us in on what has haunted you, my queen.”


Queen Elizabeth couldn’t help but soften up a little as she went back to her plush throne and gracefully sat down, arms resting on top of the rest. “Very well, I shall tell you.”


“This has haunted me for the past six days and I cannot help but feel worried. I remember the details so vividly as if it wasn’t a dream but more of a vision.”


“That sounds pretty ominous, sister. What more is there in your dream?” Mayora asked, a frown tugging on her painted lips.


Queen Elizabeth huffed and pressed the palm of her hand underneath her chin, the strain and endless nights of barely sleeping now clear on her face. She looked so ashen and tired one would think that she had risen from the dead… It must have been a rather fitful vision.


“I saw a blood covered wolf, standing over a single red rose, baring its fangs and threatening to tear it apart. There’s darkness that I cannot describe, all of it merely centered in the wolf and rose that are staring at each other and then it is wilting and the fangs bite down harshly. The next thing I saw was a skull of a human person, illuminated by black candles.


“Another is this; a thing that most confuses me. Another rose shows itself but this one stands tall and proud, its thorns keeping away the predators that harm it. Another dark being is surrounding that one single rose and lashing out to those who dare come near it with ill intentions as if protecting it. I do not know what it means but it has kept me awake for so long. The last that most horrifies me? I saw our kingdom burn and my youngest son grieve for it.”


Mayora and Joseph blink, face pale and eyes wide, unbelieving. Had that been really what the queen dreamt? Such a horrifying thing it was that even Joseph could not fathom this bizarre dream.


“It’s… I have not heard of such a thing. Roses and wolves, roses and darkness… What a strange dream.” Joseph mused before his interest took another turn. “Grieving? Prince Henry? For the kingdom? A rather disturbing thing… What did you feel in that time when you saw him and the kingdom burn, Your Majesty?”


“Astounding, I have not heard of such a thing, sister. What on Antheia has goddess Kira sent you?” Mayora breathed, her hands rubbing together as she shuddered in thought.


Queen Elizabeth looked at the windows again, hearing the distant cries of the crow, recalling with ease at what she had experienced and felt in seeing her most treasured son grieve for the kingdom. “I am not sure what the goddess has sent me but it is terrifying to see the tears from my son’s face, more than the roses, the darkness, and the wolf-“ she waved a hand, a shimmer of something greenish flying and landing on the window sill. “-but I felt like I had to keep him away, keep him safe, hide him somewhere. I do not know where but I remember feeling that fear of exposing him in seeing the destruction of the kingdom.”


There is another bout of silence, hesitation, heavy and thick like butter as Joseph processes the information, more than shocked about what his ears had heard. He looks around, pauses and then turn to stare the windowsill, seeing a dancing flame atop the stone. The royal family really were blessed with the magic of the elements, huh?


An idea strikes him because there might be a way to assure the queen from her worries and he looks back at her. “Ah, I do have a solution for that, Your Majesty-“ two pairs of eyes look at him curiously.”-Although I.. would require us to have a moment of privacy with Prince Henry if that is alright? It is a controversial matter that no other family member should know.”


Mayora frowned, unsure if she should be offended or leave the matter alone to her sister. “Not even I, Advisor Joseph?”


“My apologies for the brashness, Your Grace, but not even you. It is strictly for Her Majesty, His Highness, and I.”


“Can she really not stay, Advisor?” Queen Elizabeth repeats, twirling a lock of burgundy hair around her finger before she put it down and grasped the overlay of her skirt instead as Joseph shakes his head. “No, Your Majesty. I am afraid this is confidential information.”


Mayora frowned even more before she nodded, bowed and turned away, her steps fluid and graceful as she left with a few words. “Very well, I shall see myself out, pardon me then.”


Both Queen Elizabeth and Advisor Joseph turn to each other once the door closes and then she asks the male from across her, expression breaking to show her distress. “This is most disturbing if you do not wish for my sister to know about my son’s whereabouts or anyone at all. Should the court not hear of this as well?”


“No, Your Majesty, I am afraid it is dangerous. We must discuss this in the privacy of the drawing hall. It is much safer in there. Although I must ask…” Joseph sighs, rubbing his temples feeling a small headache form at the prospect of even seeing the possible scenarios.


The fire kept on burning.


“Where is Prince Henry?”

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