“Pardon mother?” Henry asked, not believing what he had heard, the utter thought of it ridiculous in his mind. His hands that were grabbing at the armrest slackened. He continued to stare at his mother as if she’d grown a second head.

The distant laughter of the people echoed outside.

“I’m sending you to the village of Scaria,” Queen Elizabeth looked at the arc window across them. “They need a new governor since they left the people to fend for themselves..”

“But why?”

“Because you need to know the basic principles of running a kingdom, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that you’re a prince, Henry?”

“Well, no but why me? Why not my brothers? Aren’t they more qualified than I? I would be fine staying here and helping you run the kingdom.” Henry tried to stall. As much as it was indulgent, he wasn't fit for leading!

Queen Elizabeth shook her head. She didn’t want that. “That may be true but they have their own promises to fulfill. Sephiro is training to become king, Hayden is practicing his magic and at the same time handling another village, while you haven’t-“ A green shimmer lit the queen’s hands. “- So in order for you to properly learn, I will be giving you a land to govern. I have faith that you will restore it.”

“But I…” Henry tried again, unsure what he was feeling at the declaration that he was presented with.

“No buts.” Queen Elizabeth countered, frown on her face and a twitch on her brow.

In a last attempt to convince his mother from her stubbornness, Henry shot out of his seat with a pleading expression, hands slamming on the table. Advisor Joseph jumped at the loud 'bang'.

“Please reconsider, mother. I am not ready for this!”

“Your Highness, I beg of you, please calm yourself.” Joseph motioned his hand up and down.

“I cannot! I am not ready! I don’t want to go there!”

Queen Elizabeth gazed at her youngest child, unsure if she should cry or not. She didn’t want to send Henry away; fate was a cruel mistress so she had to do this, told herself she would keep Henry safe just like her other sons. “You say that to yourself but in all honesty, my son? You are more than ready.”

The expression of desperation wavered on Henry’s face, not knowing what to do and think, overwhelmed by the fact that his mother was pushing this on him.

“Will you let me think about it?”

“Of course, Your Highness. We will give you a week’s interval to think about it.” Advisor Joseph quickly cut the terseness. Both parties were stressed so he had to let them recuperate. “Discussion over, Your Majesty?”

“Yes, our meeting shall adjourn for now, Joseph. We must make preparations for Henry’s decision. You are dismissed now, Henry.” Queen Elizabeth waved her hand, indicating Henry that he could go.

Henry stood up and bowed. Leaving the room without another word. He tried to wrap his head around the proposition, locking himself in his bedroom in the process and not coming out even when the servants knocked at his door.

That night, Henry did not sleep a wink.


Three days went by, Henry was in the gardens, still processing the possibility of leaving the Capital to rule over the village of Scaria. He had heard that the little village was rather lavish and filled with lots of bounties. He was not informed that the governor had ran away… Had he really missed out meetings and discussions that the court held with his mother and siblings?

Henry picked up the wooden flute that he had brought, placing it on his lips and playing a small tune. His hands glowed and green tendrils escaped at every staccato notes, rushing like wildfire and wrapping around a few flowers. In result, the roses and lilacs that was hit grew and multiplied their saplings.

“Your highness? Here’s your tea and biscuit,” A servant appeared, carrying said food and drink on a metal tray, setting it down on the marble table in front of the prince who didn't acknowledge him for a while.

Henry let the last of the notes cease, looking up at the white haired servant. “Thank you, Rui. I apologize for letting you wait."

“Don't sweat it, Your Highness. Your playing is always refreshing. Do you need anything else?” Rui asked.

“No, no, I’m good. You may go now.” Henry replied and Rui bowed.

“As Your highness wishes.” Rui left, carrying the tray wiith him as he rounded a corner of a stone pillar and disappeared.

Putting down his flute on the table and replacing it with the porcelain cup, Henry stared at the steaming green tea. He mulled over the fact that he was chosen. Is he fit to rule? Perhaps not, yet his mother had been stubborn in saying that he was ready. Gods.

The chirps of the larks caught his attention, thoughts running wild with all the possibilities. The breeze blew by, ruffling the leaves of the potted plants and shady trees, singing its song to those who heard, lived, and breath.

“Goddess Kira, what should I do?” Henry asked no one in particular as he took a small sip.

“Well, what do we have here? If it isn’t little brother,” A sharp voice called. Henry almost choked on his drink.

Keyword. Almost.

"Growing flowers again, Henry?" 

The young prince looked up, expression going taut in seeing his older brother. Lips pursed, he put down his beverage on the marble table, grasping his tuck sword by his side. Something ugly pulsed behind his sternum, wishing not to be around him. Especially the second eldest.

“Hit your head on the floor, Hayden? Ate something you didn't like?” Henry asked dryly.

Hayden smirked, curling his fingers. “Hey I'm just saying. You're a prince and yet you use your magic by growing gardens. Why don't you use it for battles or defending the kingdom or village?"

Hayden was a little shorter than Henry, standing at 5’3. He wore a high collared white shirt with a cravat and a dark green waist coat, coupled with black tight trousers and brown knee high boots. No crown was on his red hair, swept bangs covering half of his eye. “So little brother, what are you doing here?”

“And you are not me, so you wouldn't know would you?” Henry snappishly replied.

Where was that hiding spot when he needed it? “Atleast I’m not the one who gets looked over because they can’t even see what’s on the top shelf.”

Hayden recoiled back, an offended look on his face. “Hey! That’s not princely of you!”

Henry smirked, picking up a biscuit from his plate. Hayden was amusing with the short jokes. “What? Me calling you short? Please, it’s very princely to return what you said.”

The second eldest growled, stomping a foot and unsheathing his sword. It was a thin blade that looked like an oversized needle, with a guard that looked like a cross, it’s pommel shaped like a diamond. “I’ll show you princely! You need to learn your manners!”

Henry jumped out of his chair, getting out his own sword, dropping his snack and tensing when Hayden charged at him. He evaded the attack of his brother, parrying Hayden’s sword away from his exposed arm, the sound of metal clanging with an unholy sound.

“Take back what you said! I’m not short, you hell freak!”

“You said it yourself now! You are short!”

A loud resonating clash echoed across the gardens. Henry and Hayden pushed their weapons together, scowls on their faces, metal blades sliding and pressing down. There was friction and lightning behind every defense and offense that threatened to swallow them and electrocute them with its nasty talons.

“Shut up, hell spawn! You’re an annoyance, mother spoils you too much! Show your respects to your elders.” Hayden snapped, jumping back and lunging, an angry battle cry coming out of his lips. Henry crouched a little low, pushing his legs a little wider in a defensive stance, sword in front of him, one hand on the blunt side of the blade.

An annoyance? Spoiled too much? Was he?

“I show my respects to those who deserve it! Not someone who comes and go as he pleases just to bring me down!”

Hayden speared his blade forward.Henry jerked his whole body out of the way, using the sharp edge of his weapon to deflect the direct strike. He felt the sharp metal graze his cheek, a sudden burn being left in its wake. 

Hissing from the burn, he tastes the blood that trickled down the wound. Henry stuck out his foot and delivered a kick to Hayden’s shin.

Hayden yelped, stumbling and falling flat on his face. Henry pointed the tip of the blade to his brother’s head that was planted on the grass, a snarl on his face.

Hayden probably tasted the gritty flavor of dirt and plant. Pshh, serves him right. 

“Big words coming from you, Hayden. For your information, I’d rather run free! Now why don’t you go and return to that hole of yours and leave me in peace?” Henry said.

Focusing at Hayden as he got up, Henry stared at him fiercely. The other redhead turned his flaring eyes to his youngest sibling. 

Hayden lifted his hand, red orbs forming and dancing on his palm. “Why you little—“

“That’s quite enough, Henry, Hayden.” A commanding voice rang out. Henry flinched and Hayden hissed as he got up and dusted himself, glare still present on his face.

The youngest prince looked away, wiping the blood that had dripped down his face, sheathing his weapon and grasping the handle.

“Sephiro, brother, he was disrespectful towards me and had the audacity to yell.” Hayden defended.

Henry snarled. “I absolutely didn’t start it! You called me unimportant!”

“Be quite. You two are grown men and yet you bicker and fight like children who were not given sweets. I am quite disappointed of both of you.” Sephiro bit, green eyes sharp and cold.

Sephiro was a tall and imposing man, built slim and almost willowy, standing at an impressive height of 5’9. He had waist length ginger hair, uneven bangs and a long forebang framing his face just like Henry’s. He wore a green high neck uniform with vinelike designs and a golden trim with shoulder pads, white pants and black boots adorning his legs and feet.

“You both are taking on the responsibilities of the kingdom and yet here you are fighting over childish things,” he looked Henry dead in the eye. “Especially you, Henry.”

Henry was offended at what Sephiro accused him of. “Me? Hayden started this fight, not I!”

“And yet you let yourself be carried away by his words. Not a good quality for a prince. What would mother say about this?”

Henry turned his gaze away, fuming and crossing his arms. He looked like a scolded child more than anything. 18 and still acting like a little kid. “Atleast I didn’t hurt anyone,”

“What was that?”


“That’s what I thought,” Sephiro retorted, focusing on Hayden. “And Hayden, you know better than to insult our brother. You have a village under your care and your magic that you are honing. I saw you about to use your powers on Henry and I can’t allow that, you best check your temper.”

Hayden grumbled and looked away, providing a begrudging nod. Knowing Sephiro was much stronger than him, he just replied with a; “Yes, of course, brother. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Henry, you should stop acting impulsive, your duties are a must-” The mentioned prince growled underneath his breath. “-do not make mother or me remind you that it is your first priority other than yourself.”

Something inside Henry snapped, his whole body burning and being doused in ice, whole being trembling, fists clenched. Why couldn’t they see he was overwhelmed? “You know what? Both of you are idiots! Fine, I'm bloody leaving!”

Sephiro’s eyes widened and then narrowed. “Henry, do not raise your voice.”

“Again with the rules! How many times will you repeat it?” Henry asked, stomping over to his cold drink and uneaten biscuits, gaze burning as he picked up his cup and flute. Two pairs of footsteps crunched the grass underneath their soles.

“Henry, stop shouting and questioning. I will repeat all those rules until it gets through your head. Do not forget your place in this kingdom, you have a role to fulfill and anger will not solve anything but rather make the issue bigger.”

Henry huffed and downed his drink, slamming the teacup down. He snatched a biscuit and turned to face his brothers who were looking at him with disapproval. 

“I have not, yet you repeat it to me as if I am a petulant child! It’s tiresome to hear so stop mentioning it will you? You’re annoying me with your high standards."

Henry stormed away, muttering up a whirlwind.

“What the— you ungrateful brat! Come back here!”

“Hayden, let him simmer down, you yourself know better than following him.” Was the last bit of talk Henry heard. He roundes down a corner and pressed his back against the wall, teeth clenched and expression pained.

Ego wounded and hurt, Henry clenched his hands and slammed them on the support he was leaning on. Too many thing happening all at once, only being fueled by his brothers. There was something ugly in him, urging him to take the bait, nagging to bite it.

The rays of the mid-morning sun shined through the stained glass window.

That was it he was done, his mind was made up; he would leave and travel to Scaria to rule rather than deal with his brothers. This was more than he could handle.

Henry took in a deep breath, storming to the Queen’s chamber that was located in the east wing. He arrived at a door that had lilac designs on the wood, knocking loudly and announcing his presence, opening it when he heard his mother’s voice cue for him to come in.

The chamber was spacious, lined with rich purple walls and designs of different flowers. A chandelier hung on the center of the ceiling like a thousand dewdrops of rain. The room had a vanity mirror with cosmetics, a queen sized bed with thin white veils suspended by mahogany poles and on the further left side, there was a door that led to the bathroom.

Henry’s eyes landed on his mother who looked up from her desk by the arc window. Parchment papers, scrolls, and letters were neatly stacked against one another. 

Queen Elizabeth was looking at him inquisitively. “Is there something you need, my son?”

Henry remembered his purpose, crossing his arms as he stared back at her. The burn in his heart became stronger and hard to resist. “Yes, mother. In fact,” He began, walking into the room and shutting the door. “I came here to tell you that I will take up the offer that you presented me. I will go to Scaria and rule over the people.”

Queen Elizabeth paused, watching the tremble of Henry’s hands and the scowl on his face. “Are you sure you don’t need more time? We’ve only discussed this three days ago. Why the sudden change of heart?”

Henry didn’t want to trouble her further. Shaking his head, he answered. “No I don’t need more time, I’m ready. There are no more excuses I will give. Send me off to Scaria, mother.”

Queen Elizabeth bit the inside of her cheek, chest aching as moisture gathered in her eyes. A queen shouldn’t show her weaknesses or tears. Getting up, blinded by desperation for Henry’s safety, she was unaware of such impulsive decision.

She conceded, saying the words that would seal his fate.

“Then I’ll tell the servants to pack your belongings. A few of our best mages and guards will accompany you to the village that you’ll rule.”

Henry bowed, the deafening silence echoing in the room that they occupied. The ring of a silver bell tolled in the distance where the church was.

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