Hello~ welcome to my book and world; Roses and Shadows! I hope you'll like the story!

1. I will not say that I'm good with writing but I'll do my best to write a satisfying and exciting chapter as much as I can.

2. Any names, places, or a character's resemblance with reality is purely coincidental.

3. Constructive criticism, making theories, and giving ideas are allowed. It would be a great help if you, as a reader, will give your insights about the chapter so that I may improve my writing.

4. Bashing is not allowed. If you don't like it, then don't read it.

5. This story is nothing but fantasy. Places and traditions that are mentioned are products of the writer's imagination and have no connections to the real world.

That's all for my author's note, I hope we'll have a wonderful journey :)

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A note from the author and an image of the characters.