A journey with no ending


Once you start living, you start wanting. Living a life wanting many things simply because
we want to feel alive. A baby would want to be fed and cared for. A child would
want things to play or friends to play with. A mother would care for her
children wanting them to feel secure and loved. A lover -wanting to love and be
loved in return. 

Living a life is a non-ending cycle of wanting something. We
eat because we are hungry. We work so we can eat. We sleep when we get tired.
We live in order to live. The thing that we needed most – are necessary things
in life. Happiness. Being content. Living a life. Living a wonderful and fulfilled
life. Everything is a necessity.

But what if we stop wanting? 

What if one lives but does not want something back? 

What if their desire ended? No more likes or dislikes. They simply
breathe, eat, sleep, work, and continue with what they have – contentment. 

What joy it would be if we know exactly what we want.  

Love. Being in love. Wanting. Needing. Being needed.  

Agonizing over and over just to attain what we most desire –
a better life – a meaningful life – a fulfilled life. Fulfillment. Goals.


We are all made up of dust. Our lives are already predetermined even before we were
born. Just like time that never stopped passing. Life would still go on even
without us. Life is but an illusion we created unwillingly. Choices. Regrets. 

A meaningful life is but an imagination we dreamed of. We want it to be. We like
it to be. We wished it could be. We prayed it shall be. And to dust we also shall
be - not wanting anything. 

A life that we want to have. The life that we have. The future that we will live in. 

Everything is but an illusion – a fake realization.
The way we see and feel is but a factor of living. Who we are – are but
memories we know. What we feel – are but experiences we knew of. Everything new
in our lives is but an accumulation of the time we lived by. Passing moments.
Cherished thoughts. Pain. Sadness. Happiness. Belonging. 


Life goes on and on. 

We live. We die. 

Moments we create. 

Bonds that we share. 

Everything ends – but nothing ever truly ended. 

What goals would you want to achieve before you die? 

What moments would you love to share with your loved one before passing? 

What words would you want to tell before being silenced? 

What regrets would you want not to leave behind? 

What do you want in life before it all ends? 

What more does life want from us? 

What more can we give life? 


What do we want? What do you really want? 

If everything is made up of necessary factors to create life – then none
of what we want really came from us – but what life dictates from us.
Everything is but a factor of living - in order for us to see, feel, hear, want,
to live. Everything is just a mere feeling, experience, memories, stories. It
is a necessity. Life in itself is but an empty reason.  

What do we want? 

It should be nothing. 

We should want nothing but we should embrace everything. 


No matter what life brings us – we must live with it. Days. Weeks.
Months. Years. We will grow tired eventually. Old. Aged. Weak. But as long as
we breathe, we must live – wanting nothing but to live. And to live is by wanting
what’s necessary. Dreams. Goals. Fulfillment. We live because we should want
to. Wanting nothing is not living. And embracing life is wanting nothing. 


Feel the warmth. 

See the beauty. 

Listen to life’s melody. 


To live is to want. Without needing anything is not living. 

Embracing life is not wanting and it’s more than just living
– it’s the answer. 



Daddy Mocchi Creator

Clarity. Peace. Beauty