Prayer #4

I wonder if God created us

on a whim...

So I decided to end this sadness

on a whim.

Here in my own tiny room,

I'll turn on my table lamp

to end the darkness

in my heart.

I'll write all my thoughts

over this scratchpad

and throw it all out

into the trash can

especially those thoughts

of thinking about you...

How dare you?

I wonder if our love was created

on a whim

because of how fast

you changed your mind

when you left me in the corner

of our school alley

like an overused bag.


Now, look at what you've done.

My trash can is



It seems this simple whim

has just turned itself

into a full-blown



of how much I should have

safeguarded myself over this

so-called depression

especially from the heartache

that you've done.


RL Spinner Creator

Sometimes we wish we can just turn off our pain like a light switch only to realize we've only need to start doing it to make it a reality.