Prayer #1

I sit at the edge of my bed

while waiting for Sleep to come over.

I would like to feel better

before I retire from a burdensome day.

So I grabbed a cold beer from the mini bar.

It was just an arm-stretch from where I sat.

Still I drank it even if it was half-full.

It gave my hands a little shiver,

my nose an air-chiller,

my throat an arresting flavor,

my whole breath a bit of a vigor.

The sensation was just the same.

I knew it. As I dreamt

of all these thingsĀ 

when I whipped my nose with

a relaxing oil

and breathed in it

the coldness of a menthol,

I think I succeeded.

Those wild days were gone

but my mind -

my mind is pretty much

wiser now

if I choose it to be.

RL Spinner Creator

This is the first poem that I created with this theme. It was getting difficult for me to fall asleep so I decided to write a pill of poetry for this madness.