In Sintonia Con Te

As the sky shifted into a mesmerizing blend of orange and red hues, a gentle summer breeze swept through the room, coaxing my tired eyes to close.

"Hey, don't doze off."

I jolted from the brink of sleep as a deep voice interrupted my drowsiness, coming from my right.

A girl emerged before me, her raven-black hair cascading down to her waist. The angular frames of her glasses matched the geometry of her features. Her porcelain skin radiated against the backdrop of the classroom, while her gaze remained steady and unwavering, seemingly unperturbed by the professor's lecture. Her indifference to the ongoing class could have attracted reprimand, yet she seemed entirely unfazed.

"Hey there, Juna."

My response was a muffled mutter, accompanied by a furrowed brow. Sleep beckoned to me, but I fought its pull.

"Tyrone, pay attention," she admonished, a mix of playfulness and seriousness in her voice.

Shouldn't you be the one heeding that advice? I mused silently. The irony amused me, but I refrained from vocalizing my thoughts. Escalating the situation wouldn't serve any purpose. With a resigned sigh, I shifted my gaze to the left and reclined against the armrest, fully embracing the idea of succumbing to the embrace of sleep. It seemed like the most appealing solution amidst the monotony of the classroom.

As the world around me blurred, darkness enveloped my senses.

"Hey, wake up!"

A distant voice pierced through the haze, pulling me back to reality.

"Wake up!"

I shot upright, taken aback, my senses returning to full alertness. Before me stood the girl who had roused me from my daze.

"Class is over," she informed me, her voice tinged with a mixture of relief and concern.

Juna took a step back, exhaling audibly in what seemed like a mix of relief and frustration.

"Is it really finished?" I mumbled,
stretching my arms and legs. The chatter and movement around the classroom confirmed the end of the class. Some students huddled together, while others made their solitary escapes or evaded post-lecture responsibilities. A handful remained engrossed in their studies, and then there were those like me, members of the "get out of here" club.

Gathering my belongings and arranging my things, I was momentarily intrigued by the idea of visiting an arcade.

"Want to hit the arcade?" she suggested, leaning against my desk.

A wave of dizziness swept over me, and the thought of heading home became more appealing. The prospect of spending money at the arcade wasn't particularly enticing, and my weariness was a strong deterrent.

"I think I'll pass. You go ahead," I replied, offering my fatigue as a valid excuse.

Her persistence remained unwavering.
"It's on me."

An after-school date invitation from a girl was a rarity, a deviation from reality.

Nonetheless, I found myself walking alongside Juna, enticed by the allure of free amusement.

As we navigated through the bustling city, a renowned shopping center appeared before us—an emblem of commerce and recreation.

Past the security checkpoint, her hand
slipped into mine, guiding me toward the elevator. The operator acknowledged our request as we stepped inside.

"Lower ground floor, please," she
directed. The elevator descended, and the change in pressure brought a slight dizziness. Her concern was evident as she turned to me, her gaze seeking reassurance.

"You doing okay?"

"Just a bit lightheaded," I assured her, grateful as the doors opened onto a luminous sight. The arcade—an oasis of childhood nostalgia within the bustling city.

Juna's grip tightened as she led me into the arcade, her excitement contagious. We approached a currency exchange machine, and with practiced ease, she navigated its interface.

Metal coins clanged within the machine, creating a symphony of anticipation. The cascade eventually subsided, and Juna motioned toward the pile of tokens that awaited our claim.

"How did you manage to afford so many?" I asked, my curiosity piqued.

Her confident smile spoke of hidden depths, a hint of mischief in her eyes. "I may not look like it, but I am pretty loaded."

My skepticism lingered, but I accepted her explanation, acknowledging the enigma that was Juna. I retrieved the tokens, holding them as she looped her arm through mine. Together, we ventured deeper into the arcade.

My gaze swept over the array of games and attractions. Juna's unbridled enthusiasm manifested in sudden jumps and exclamations, drawing my attention.

"Look, Tyrone! I won a pair of headphones!"

She held up the prize, her eyes gleaming with triumph. A quick glance assured me of the headphones' superior craftsmanship.

"You did great, Juna. These headphones are impressive," I complimented, extending them back to her.

To my surprise, she blocked my attempt with a playful yet determined gesture.

"They're for you. A token of appreciation for putting up with me." My astonishment deepened at the generosity of her gesture.


"Absolutely," she affirmed, a glint of playfulness in her eyes. "A peace offering, if you will."

The value of the headphones wasn't lost on me—a gesture that spoke volumes.

"You did manage to be a bit of a nuisance every day," I teased, a smile tugging at my lips.

Her reaction was a mixture of mock offense and genuine amusement. "Well, that's blunt…"

I softened my tone, my words laced with gratitude. "But you know what? It hasn't been all bad. I've actually enjoyed it quite a bit."

Her eyes met mine, warmth radiating from her gaze. "I enjoy your company."

In that moment, a surge of emotion welled up within me, a desire to hold onto these fleeting moments.

The constraints of time became palpable, urging me to cherish every remaining second. Juna's eventual departure loomed, an inevitability. Yet, the thought of her absence wasn't met
with regret.

"Hey, Tyrone."

My attention turned to her, our eyes locking. Her smile held a sincerity that tugged at my heartstrings.

"I like you."

Amidst the vibrant backdrop of flashing lights and the joyous cacophony of the arcade, her confession resonated deeply, extending far beyond the surface.

At that moment, my reservations dissipated. I allowed myself to fully embrace the present, to savor the sentiment that enveloped us.

Just for this fleeting moment, I could be a little selfish… right?

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In Sintonia Con Te by Kasumin