“It’s quite beautiful today.” I said as I stare at the blue sky and sketched a cloud on my sketchbook with a scenery of a bridge, a river, trees, and clouds. I looked at the time and saw that I’ll be late if I won’t start walking now.As I walk back to class through the usual path, a wooden bridge in the forest part of the school’s property, and I considered as a shortcut to my class, I notice a presence of a woman watching where the sun is setting. I stop for a moment and look at her, “Who is she?”

From afar, I can see her face, and her eyes are the like sky blue and pure, and skin as white as snow. I stop and lean towards the frame of the bridge and gaze at where the woman is looking, the sun setting, coloring the sky of hues of yellow, orange and red creating a painting of memorable time,

“Wow.” I whisper to myself.

Even though I’ve seen sunsets a hundred times every setting is new and unique to the eyes, mesmerizing and beautiful, and somehow she saw me whispering those words and kinda understand what I said,

“Do you like sunsets?” I looked at her and gave her a smile and see her smiling showing her bubbly and full of sunshine face,

“I do.” I stuttered, but kept my composure.

"You?" I asked,

"I do." she responded while looking at the sunset.

I stared at her and appreciated her beauty and elegance, and looked away when she will look at me, and me hiding my bashful face of embarrassment. I don’t know why I hide my face, it’s just that, I don’t want her to find out that I was looking at her, and I do not know why. Staying with her made me forgot about time, and wishing that this will not end and cherish the moment of meeting someone who has the same interest, even though we don’t talk that much, I still want to spend my time and watch the sunset with her,

"I'm going now." she said and started to walk away,

"I'll walk you." I suggested out of nowhere thinking that she will agree, but obviously the answer will be not, since we do not know each other's name,

"Thank you, but I'm just right here." she pointed at the green bushes which leads to more trees and forest.

She turned her back and walked away from the bridge, and until she was far away, I had that courage to ask her in my high awkward voice, "Will I still see you again here?"

I thought she will ignore me, but she did not. She stopped and looked back at me. I do not know what she will say or reply, but I want to know her answer.

She smiled, looked at the sunset, back at me, and shrugged with a smile on her face. She waved her hand and walked away. I smiled until I watched her leave out of my sight. I touched my chest and felt the beat of my heart, a horse dashing in a race of time.

I ran to my class like a horse galloping in a race of time hoping that I am still on time, but unfortunately, I arrived late which caught the attention of my strict professor, "You're late Mr." the professor said as he tapped the pen on the board and eyes looking at me like knives piercing me as I stood more and more behind the door, "I'm sorry sir." I said as I walked to my desk reserving my dignity and preventing any shame that will give me, and sat down, "You've waste so much time Mr. Next time, I will lock that door and won't let anyone in, especially you when you're late again." He said pointing his pen towards me, "Yes sir." He continued to write on the board with a loud sound that irritated us telling us that he's mad, and this is bad. I do not know why my professor is so mad at me, everytime, he sees me in his class, and this is my first time being late in his class, so what's the deal?

“Where have you been?” Kali whispered, who is beside me and always reserving a seat for me whenever we have classes,

“I forgot about time.” I took out my book out of my bag,

“You’re not like that though.”

“I was looking at the sunset earlier.”

“You like sunsets now?” he questioned as if it's new to him.

The professor looks at us for a moment for he heard someone talking in his class which he hates, and we act like nothing happened, and plainly stared at him,

“So the next thing we need to do is.” Continued the professor,

“I always have.” I whispered back and opened my notebook.

As my professor is lecturing, I notice the faces and gestures of my classmates and Kali slowly drifting away from the classroom to their day dreams, their hands supporting their neck from falling, and hanging on their seat as they listened to the professor. I inside my head, I can only think of that woman, the woman at the bridge. Which made me sketch her face on one of my notebook to not forget her face. Her long sunshine hair, her blue soulful eyes and her snow white skin.

“Who is she?” Kali whispered while looking at the sketch, and seems his sleepiness faded away for his eyes widened like an owl,

“Someone I met.”

“Is this why you’re late? Tell me,” He urged, “who is she?”

“I do not know, I met her just awhile ago.”

“And you didn’t even ask her name? How weak.” He mocked,

“Shut up, I’ll find her, I will definitely find her, and be quiet, or we’ll get in trouble.”

As I slowly drift away from my class to my daydream, there are questions in my mind I would like to be answered, Will I still see her again? Will she be there every sunset? Does she go to school? And most important of all, who is she and what’s her name? Questions that made me become more curious about her and who she is.




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