I was sketching her face on my notebooks, and Kali on the other side of the bed watched as I sketched her, 

"Who could she be? Is she real?" 

"Of course she's real." 

"I'm just making sure, since that thick head of yours is full of imagination," he knocked my head slightly, "where'd you meet her?" 

"At the forest." 

"Dude, seriously," he gave me a questionable expression, "are you sure she's real or some kind of ghost?" 

"She's real, and I'm sure of that, and don't give me that look, are you doubting me?" 

"I am, because I know who you are and we're friends since a kid, so I know." 

"But this is different, this is real, she's real, and I do not need to prove it to you though.” 

"Yeah, whatever, just be safe out there, and don't go near the water." 

"I'm not a kid." I continued sketching the woman at the bridge. 

As a habit every afternoon before class, I go to the bench where I sketch the scenery and what I feel like. I walked to the bridge where I saw the woman yesterday, and hoping that she'll be there, but, she wasn't there, just leaves and the wooden bridge,  

"Where could she be?" I wondered, and
proceeded to walk. 

I leaned on the bridge railing and started sketching whatever comes to my mind, including the sun. When I was a kid, I never liked sunsets, why? Because it means the fun will be over, kids will go home, wash up for dinner, get dressed, do their homework, and do stuffs not fun anymore. I didn’t like to end the day and want to be stuck at a loop of time where fun is the center, but, as I aged, I started to like the sunsets. It is no longer the end of fun, but an extension of a new type of fun, 

“What might be Kali doing right now?” I continued sketching, “he might be with Aya right now in the library, and I can’t believe
they can stand reading those books that long, that’s a pain in my head.” 

I continued sketching a bridge and a flowing river down under like the bridge I’m sitting on, 

“And I also can’t believe, they can stay with each other.” 

I checked time, and saw that I still have an hour to catch, and when I looked beside I was shocked, I saw the woman again in the same position, and same posture, gazing at the sunset, I didn't notice her coming or heard her footsteps, it’s like she popped and appeared out of nowhere. I stood up looking at her, and tried fixing my clothes if I look fine and well-dressed not having leaves or anything, 

"You're here," I said, “I didn’t hear you

"You're also here."  

"I was sketching," I showed my sketchbook to her, "what are you doing here?" 

"Appreciating the scenery.” 

"What do you like about them?" 

“The unpredictability, it paints the skies with colors we do not expect, and amaze us with it." 

That is somehow deep, I admit, 

"What about you? What do you like about them?" 



I was quite thinking an answer before she asked me that, since it can be asked, and I'll be prepared, 

"I like sunsets because it can bring people together in an unexpected way." 

"That's kinda true." 

We watched the sunset slowly setting and giving bright colors to the sky, 

“That’s beautiful.” Her eyes are sparkling like stars in the night sky. 

I sketched her looking at the sun while she’s busy admiring and appreciating the beauty of the setting sky. Before it gets dark, she told me that she'll go on her way leaving once again, 

"Bye." She waved her hand. 

I want to wave back, but I still have questions lingering, 

"Wait, I have some question," I needed to ask this since this is only one chance, and might not see her again, and hopefully not, "my name is Atsu." 

I offered her my hand, my sweaty and shaking hand. She grabbed my hand and shook it,  

"My name is Kira, nice to meet you." 

My hand was sweaty and I know she felt it, when she grabbed it, but she ignored it, and continued to shake my hand, 

“Nice to meet you Kira,” I took my hand slowly and rubbed my elbow, “Will I still see you again?" 

She pointed the sunset, and looked me eye to eye. I’ve seen closely her eyes colors of the sky, and felt like I’m flying reaching her endless height, 

"As long as that is visible.” 

I watched her walked away, and when she's not visible anymore, I leaped for joy and laughed, and covered my mouth assuring that no one’s around, especially her. Going back, I hurriedly run with a smile on my face and greeted Kali at the doorway looking at me with a questioning and
disgust expression, 

“What is on your face?” 


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The sunset of colors