In the middle of the night, where everyone is sound asleep, here I am awake looking at the ceiling and thinking of the person who keeps making me anticipate to go back at the bridge.

Chatter of students, sound of trays, and shrieks of broken chairs on the floor fill the canteen atmosphere, which is sometime relaxing to others where students can finally eat after hours of listening to the teachers' lessons, and do their things,

"We should do this in order to find out the answer." discussed Kali to his classmate,

"That's what I have been doing, but I can't get it."

"Then I'll repeat it again, until you get it ok."


Kali is considered a genius by many of our classmates and teachers in the past and present, and asked by so many to tutor them in exchange of money and allowance. He is the top of our class ever since we were kids and called him a prodigy due to his quick understanding of subjects and advanced subjects especially in mathematics. He was considered and offered to advance to higher years, but remained to be with us, his friends. His reason was, we won’t be there anymore with him if he took the offer, but I think it’s because he does not want to be separated from the love of his life, and that’s only a theory, since he never told me the true reason behind his rejection of the offer. Growing up, many girls liked him for his wits and even confessed to him several times, but he rejected all of them, because he already has eyes on someone who he has a crush on since he was five years old, and that is Aya. Our classmate and playmate ever since we're kids. She is the love of his life whom he loved and love for forever if that’s what everyone says,

"Now do you get it?" asked Kali,

"Yeah, I get it, thanks."

"No problem bro." he bumped fist with him and our classmate left, "I'll be right back."


Kali left with a box of milk on his hand, and I just smiled and continued sketching. He’s always giving Aya a box of milk every recess and looks for her around school.

Kali looks for Aya in the crowd of students having conversation with their classmates and friends, but she wasn't there,

"Where is she?"


One of her classmates notices and approaches him,

“Looking for Aya?”

“Yeah, you’ve seen her?”

"I think I saw her at the hallway, at her locker, she might still be there."

"Oh thanks."

"You’re welcome."


Kali goes outside the canteen, and looks for Aya at the hallway, and finds her still sitting behind her locker staring at the blank space of unknown,

"What are you doing there?"

"Oh, it's you." She looked at Kali who is smiling,

"Here." he handed the box of milk,

"Thanks." she grabbed the box of milk and put it on her lap,

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you in our usual place?" he sat down beside her,

"I don’t know, I just want to be alone for a moment," she opened the box and took a sip, "thinking of everything, anything."

“Are you worrying? What are you worried about?”

“Life, and school, I’m worried that I might not pass, in the past days, I’m doubting my abilities, it’s not like before that I am confident and sure, even after double checking,” “but, now, even I double checked, I still doubt myself whether it’s right or wrong, and it sucks.”

“It’s fine to feel that way, you’ll get through it over time and you’re strong, so you can survive having that feeling,” “one thing I can tell you is, if you doubt yourself, just remember there’s always someone believing in you, I can’t take your doubts away, but only you can, and I know you will, so believe in yourself even if doubts take over.”

“Thank you, thank you for being there Kali, I really appreciate you.”

“You’re welcome, I’ll always be here listening to you, whenever you have problems.”

“Thank you, I really do.”

“I was also thinking something.”


“You know, yesterday.” Kali smiled,

“Yeah,” Aya laughed awkwardly, “I’m also thinking about that.”

“I’ll wait, I’ll always wait.”


Kali smiled and Aya smiled also. Aya and Kali went back to the cafeteria and sat with Atsu,

“How are you two lovebirds?” Atsu asked sketching,

“We’re fine.” Kali responded and looked at Aya,

“How are you also? I heard from Kali you’re meeting someone at the forest.”

“He’s right, I am meeting with someone at the forest, that’s kinda strange isn’t it?”

“Kind of, who is she? Is she studying here?”

“Her name’s Kira, and I don’t know yet if she’s studying here, since I can’t find her here, and I haven’t talk to her in the past two days.”

“Why? Why haven’t you talked to her? Don’t tell me you left her.”

“No, no, no, I didn’t, it’s because she’s not there whenever I visit she’s not there.”

Aya looked at Kali,

“What?” asked Kali, “what did I do?”

“Can we meet her?”

“Sure, I’ll tell her if we meet again.”

“Just be careful out there.” Advised Aya,

“I will.” 

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