Behind the Curtain:

Looking at left side of my window.

Seeing someone's eyes mistyundescribable emotion of hatred, longing, loneliness and sorrow. Hi

Seeking for attention of someone that never be define.

Finding hope in the pedestrian.
Lack of love and confidence.

Felt hopeless, drown by anxiety.

Full of regrets in the past, lock in the room and pity partying.

Cry and cry with the emotion, that never leave.

What happen to thy self?

Worthy to love, yet where is the love that I deserve?

Seeing the dark scenery, Feeling the emotion eating me alive.

Help me find the way where I use to live.
I don't want to be drown, let me be survive.

My other self left me hanging, left me behind the curtain.

My self that was a fine young lady, an understanding daughter.

But where she is now? She was gone, because someone steal her real identity.

And change into someone, that I don't know anymore.

That made me close the emotion and move forward.

I close the curtain and forget the nightmare I struggle so much.

Behind the curtain was a part of me stolen, my happiness tearing, my heart shattering, my self broken and no one can repair.

Behind the curtain was my story ready to unfold and ready to be told...

MegumiJ29 Creator