Chapter 8 - Juvenile Challenger

         The morning light touched King Ehiptia’s desk covered with piles and piles of paperwork to sign for the king yet slowly its starting to decrease. King Ehiptia’s calloused hand shakingly reaching for another paperwork on top, dark circles around his tired droopy eyes covered by his reading glasses, messy hair, crumpled shirt and a newly refilled pen on his other hand, an empty coffee machine beside a half full mug of coffee beside him. The king pulled an all-nighter and what’s left is half of the original batch of paperwork dumped to him due to the 4-day consecutive non-working holidays in the kingdom. 

The king stopped as he felt his eyes blur even after he removed his glasses, and the feeling of vertigo hit him the moment he stands up from his chair. A knock on his door startled him that made him fall back to his chair. Confused with his predicament, he stands up again and answers the door. There is Miss Cleo, who drought him a cup of warm earl gray tea and 3 pieces of freshly baked pastry. “Uh, your highness… I see you never slept the entire night, I thought of taking these for you, since your breakfast will be ready in 2 hours… for now this is what I can give you.” She meekly said as she holds out the tray to the king. “Ah, that’s very sweet of you always, Miss Cleo.” He said with a calm smile in his face. “However, I felt dizzy after I pulled that one, so I will be taking this and will return to my room after for a short nap before my breakfast.” He added awkwardly scratching the back of his head messing up his hair even more. 

After the king ate his short snack, he proceeded to his room and plopped face down on his bed and not for long, he is fast asleep. The king’s sleep is so deep, he is snoring. 

Meanwhile, Miss Cleo informed the kitchen staff and the attending staff that the tired king is in his room sleeping, most of them nodded in agreement that the king has worked tirelessly for nights and he needs the rest. Next, she informed the prince that his brother might come out late due to his sleep and the prince nodded in agreement that he needs the rest. 

Lastly, she informed Minister Hime to disseminate the information to the rest of the ministers that the king might come out late due to his two consecutive nights of no rest to finish most of the important paperwork. “I see, his highness deserves the rest. Do not worry Miss Cleo, since I’m his right hand and Prime Minister, I can handle things for today with him and support Prince Memphis for his endeavors until our king is well rested.” Minister Hime promised with outmost confidence. 

“Hah, I wish that bothersome vampire lord will not arrive to bother his highness again…” Miss Cleo spoke as she shakes her head. “Nah, that bloke is not gonna go through me, if his highness is way too kind to him, I beg to differ!” the confident minister assured the worried baker and that calms her worries. “Oh also, can you say hi to Miss Imma for me?” he added as he awkwardly scratches his cheek. “Sure!” Miss Cleo getting the hint, smiled as she left.

As the breakfast time arrives, one of the king’s attending staff attempted to wake him up but the king is so deep in his sleep, he is still snoring and is not waking up but instead turned to the side facing away and covered himself with a blanket. The staff just sighs and smiles and left the king be as he needs all the sleep in the world now.

The kitchen staff just saved a batch for the king in case he wakes up before lunch hungry. As Miss Cleo finished cleaning up her station, she approached Miss Imma to pass the message from Minister Hime, Miss Imma blushed from the message her colleague told her. Miss Cleo’s smile goes bigger as she confirms in her mind that Miss Imma and Minister Hime likes each other, is it some crush thing? Or something more than that? Yet she cannot ask Miss Imma what is the status since she does not want to be a nosy friend. 

The ministry meeting is still taking place even the king is not sitting on his throne, but overseen by Prince Memphis, as Minister Hime headed the session, the prince sensed something that is off, something bad is about to take place and he shared it to Minister Hime who is standing just one step below him.

The minister hearing the prince’s concern, raised his guard as he continues the session with the rest of the ministers. The bad sensation goes so strong that him and the rest of the ministers felt the bad aura about to arrive and they all rose their guards. 

And there… the throne hall’s door flung wide open, the air of the opening made the papers on their desks fly everywhere yet the prince and the ministers are unbothered yet fully focused on the one who kicked the door open. Most expect the Vampire Lord, Lord Osairis. Yet, the vampire lord did not have the same dark aura as this person in front of them.

It is a man with Orange-red long hair, in ranger type cloak yet a royal style coat and slacks underneath, most the ministers’ eyes turned wide open as they remember who is this person is… as their eyes adjust from the searing light from the outside, the face of the man is visible. 

“P-prince Makoha?!” most of the ministers spoke in unison. Prince Memphis and Minister Hime remain silent staring daggers on this uninvited guest. “If it is brother, he would have made the security drag him out because of the shitty stunt he pulled last time…” The annoyed prince murmurs. “Something I would definitely do after he thrashed around Legacy City to get his highness’ attention.” The minister replied with a pissed look on his face. 

“Ho? Where’s the king? Is he sick or something? Too bad he can’t hear my magnificent plan after my theatrics last time!” Prince Makoha spoke as he sarcastically waves his hand in the air. “-and those theatrics you made is not entertaining at all…” Minister Menhir spoke as he rolls his eyes. “If you concocted another plan to create a ruckus here in the kingdom, his highness will never listen to your so-called Magnificent plan.” Minister Hime boldly spoke crossing his arms looking down at this uninvited guest. 

“Well, too bad your king will not see me right now for whatever reason he’s not here sitting on the throne. However, I’m sent by my mother, Queen Dawn Sinarum, of the Red Soule Kingdom, to take the king for a battle for the throne of the Frozen Sand!” Prince Makoha spoke in full confidence and audacity. “The nerve! Where the fuck do you get the balls to barge in here in full interest of usurping the throne?!” Prince Memphis screeched as he takes his sword from its scabbard, yet he was stopped by Minister Hime from walking down. 

“Before you fight his highness to the death you have to face ME, it won’t be the fun if you directly fight his highness then he’s just going to turn you into a mop to clean the pavement, right…?” Minister Hime suggested with a menacing look in his face. “If you see your king that high, then it won’t take me long to demolish all of you weak ministers who can do is bark and no bite! Including you… Memphis.” Prince Makoha replied in an insulting tone. “Tch! You asshole. How dare you insult our ministers… They are more help to the kingdom than you who travelled all the way here to shame you and your family’s legacy!” Prince Memphis snapped. 

“Still bark! No bite!” The annoying prince retorted. Yet a flash of light bursts beside Prince Memphis’ position and in the speed of light the jerk of a prince, Makoha is flying midair realizing he was kicked with so much force he is forced to fly for a few second and he landed on the pavement in the center of the parking area in the castle grounds.

Filled with pain and confusion, he tried to stand up by first taking a seat, the first thing he saw is a foot, well built legs in black slacks and the more he looked up and his confidence and cockiness drained from his body to see Minister Hime looking down at him with absolute menace in his face, almond brown eyes that can be compared to a piercing bullet of a railgun, and a smile that can burn worse than the vampire lord’s power and a stature that rival the most worshipped statue of God Orion. With his crossed arms and his silver wavy hair tied in a ponytail that reflects the light of the sun and the wind blowing his bangs and sideburns, the nagging prince didn’t know what the minister he is facing with is what they call as “The Gray” for his power is affiliated in direct to God Chia, The God of Life and Death.

The minister looked back and shouted to the rest of the ministers and Prince Memphis looking through the windows; “You can return to the session without me. I will handle this.” Prince Memphis smirked and said; “Nah, we’re gonna watch you mop the pavement with him.”

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