Yilmaz threw down an ace of hearts card along with a few other aces, staring as his once smug opponent wilted infront of him. The once boisterous, posture and aura faded, shriveling up like a prune.

"How—You shouldn't have been able to win! I was so close! You must've cheated!" The man jabbed a finger at him.

Yilmaz rolled his eyes, taking out his golden fan and snapping it open, humming at the accusation. "I did no such thing. My game and deal is to play fair and square. Cheap tricks like cheating are not on my list."

"Why you—"

"Always hiding a cheap trick underneath your sleeve by stealing the card of your opponent? Such fast hands you have that I can't help wonder..." Yilmaz leaned forward, fox like grin on his face. "That every one of your wins were born out of petty steals."

The man sputtered. Yilmaz stood up, the chair behind him scrapping. Whispers began to fly as the dark haired man walked out, the single braid in his hair swishing along with his purple and dark blue battle styled outfit. Ah, a day in life when work wasn't so busy, it was such a lovely day too.

Silver eyes gazed at the mid-morning sky after they had gotten out of the large gambling establishment, listening to the whispers and giggles of the birds and trees. Sometimes, Yilmaz found no interest in this things anymore, having been bored to death for years. It was the same thing all over again, a cycle that one couldn't escape.

However, the only thing he found interesting was how humans worked. They could build, craft, make stories. Sometimes, he wondered how they even came up with building crazy things that actually managed to help their economy.

"Ah, there I go again down that path." Yilmaz mused, shaking his head and snapping his fan shut, placing the guard in his other hand. "Perhaps I should walk around some more."

So he did, looking at the wooden houses and shops, all of them holding their own charms. It wasn't much, but it was more than everything that he needed. Maybe he should travel and explore around the continent? See the wonders of the world and all the things it had to offer?

When nothing caught his interest, Yilmaz decided that staying in town wasn't worth it and just wandered off, finding himself in the front of the forest pathway, fresh trail welcoming him on sight.

"Hmmm.." He hummed, metal clad boots clacking slightly. Should he go in and explore? See the thrills and danger? Or perhaps stay cautious and away from the forest? He had heard that this forest was most especially dangerous but he had yet to see deaths so why not?

He went in, boots crunching brown leaves underneath as he wandered deeper, fanning himself.

The forest twittered and breathed more than it should've been doing. Yilmaz felt that something was amiss but he couldn't quite put his finger on it so he wandered deeper. The live chirps of birds and summer insects became more present, more louder while the trail became thinner and more uncharted. Darker.

Yilmaz squinted, the whites of his eyes turning black and leaving behind whispy trails in the corner of his lids. Life resonated through this forest, an abnormal one at that. As he went closer, he stumbled into a ring of growing flowers where the trees parted shyly from the center.

And there he saw it, a long haired being slept in the center, the sleeves and ends of their long salmon and green robes sprawled about with designs of fallen petals, leaves, and other flowers on the edges. If anything, the person looked like a priest or a priestess with their outfit.

But what struck him was the slightly crooked deer antler headpiece that the being donned and he realized that he was not supposed to disturb their sleep. Belatedly, he recognized he was staring at someone powerful, a man that shouldn't be wakened no matter what.

Yilmaz took a small step back, slowly inching away from the center. His foot stepped on a small branch. It made a loud cracking sound.

He snapped his head over. The being stirred and then it was staring at him, eyes green with a hint of red. In a flash they were gone and then they appeared in front of Yilmaz, black stick in hand.

The being swung it horizontally. Yilmaz hastily took large steps backwards, lifting his opened fan, dark tendrils surging upwards and then forward. They spiraled to the being in quick succession who ducked down and made a side cutting motion.

Plants shot out from the ground, rapidly forming and fanning away the shadows which caused a large gust of wind to form and blow their hair and attire with the sickening crackle of electricity.

The being tilted their head like a child, blinking.

Yilmaz stared back, scowling. He got the message clear alright. He closed his fan with a snap. The darkness hissed, disappearing like bubbles. Which left Yilmaz quite defenseless but hey, he could handle himself just fine.

"My," The being purred, eyelids fluttering as they flicked their wrist which made the plants retreat. "I didn't expect such a fine warrior to wander in on me sleeping. Did you like what you see, mighty one?"

Yilmaz's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. What was he to say to that?

"Speechless aren't we? The name's Rouzia," The being, Rouzia, spoke again. "Might I have the permission to know your name, darling?"

Yilmaz's brain broke in two. Darling? DARLING?!

Outwardly, his pokerface stayed and he stood a little straighter, doing a palm to fist greeting with a bow to Rouzia. Show your respect to your fellow Primordial. Don't let them get to your nerves. It's just like any other meeting with the others. "The name is Yilmaz. Apologies if I wandered in on your territory. I will take my leave now and disrupt you no further."

"Aww, will you not stay?" Rouzia sauntered closer, until he was directly in Yilmaz's face. So close that their noses were almost touching. Amber eyes? Why the heck did he have amber eyes? That's not normal. "Not interested in my company?"

Yilmaz jerked his head back, shoving himself away from the other. Too close. Too close! "Do you always flirt with everything that breaths?"

Rouzia smirked, placing a finger on his lips and sticking out his tongue on the side. "Only to those who are charming and very much a match for me. Aren't you a feisty man?"

"Well aren't you one to talk?" Yilmaz dryly retorted, crossing his arms. "Don't speak words that you can't back up. They might bite you back in the ass."

Shit. He shouldn't have said that.

Rouzia's smile widened along with the crinkle of his eyes as he inched closer again like a cat. Too close! Too close! Does this man know no boundaries or something?

"Oh? I didn't know you were into that. I didn't expect your affections lie that way. What say you?"

"So what of it? Do you have a problem with that?" Yilmaz asked with a small growl. His temple was pulsing and some kind of itch began to form in his heart making his whole face heat up.

Anger? Irritation? Frustration? Maybe so, he didn't know which of them he was currently experiencing. He just knew he wanted to punch this Primordial on the face and shove him to the ground that looked too nice and perfect.

"Oh no, I have no problems with it. Want to be my first specimen then?" Rouzia draped an arm around Yilmaz, trailing his fingers up an arm guard and on a dark clothed bicep tantalizingly slow.

"I say this politely and I'll say this again. Don't speak words you can't back up. It might kick you."


And with that, Yilmaz slipped from Rouzia's teasing grasp and marched away from him. That flirt could go die in a hole for all he cared. He just wanted that creature away from him.

Yilmaz blanched when the other let out a yell, sounding a little too taunting for his ears.

"Bye, Yilmaz~ I hope you'll come back and visit me. We should totally spar next time, maybe on a bed of roses would be more appropriate."

Bold of him to assume he'd come back.

"Hell to the no. Keep your hands to yourself." Yilmaz shuddered, unsure if it was from disgust or embarrassment. While the thought was intriguing, he'd rather not entertain it. Besides, who would even come back and visit someone like that?

Probably those that were desperate. Yilmaz wasn't desperate thank you very much.


He marched out of the forest, coming back up on the trail that he had took earlier, noting that the grass looked even more greener and the leaves that had fallen had turned a sickly shade of sunset orange. With a frown, he continued onwards, welcomed back by the civilization of the people that was still loud with cheers and mutters of the heart.

As he processed what happened to him, having been harassed by a Primordial who didn't know how to keep his hands to himself; Yilmaz felt his stomach turn and flip queasily. He had just been flirted with and he did not like it. Not one bit. He wanted to strangle that man now. Damn him for letting that Nature Primordial come near his personal boundaries.

He should go meet with the Light Primordial. He remembered now that he had important matters to discuss with her regarding his domain. The space there could not fit anymore shades and evil souls that were used to feed and guard the underworld. Yes, he should do that. Maybe he could forget all those touches that were placed on him if he just met up with his counterpart.

Deciding that his presence was not needed anymore, Yilmaz moved his fan and drew a circle in thin air, cutting open the fabric between time and space. A portal of black and stars opened in front of him, gravity sucking him in like a whirlpool.

The thing closed, leaving behind a small winking tear in reality that faded out of existence just as quick.

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