Chapter 1: The Day Falcon's Banquet and the Night Raven's Escapade

“Finally decided to visit your sister-in-arms, Great Primordial of Night?” A soft but commanding voice that was a mix between a man and a woman echoed through the halls of gold and clouds just as Yilmaz steps out of the swirling galaxy portal. 

“Of course. I missed my sister-in-arms after a long time without visitations,” Yilmaz retorted back with humor. He waved a hand over his eyes, manifesting a dark mask with glowing eye holes to cover his sensitive gaze from the blinding light of his opposite element. “And before anything else, no I did not wager anything illegal. I know my limits.”

Four golden eyes on a dark and lovely face stare back at him in amusement. “And here I thought you'd waste your immortality away by gambling with fate and its dye.”

Alina Eliora was a being one could describe as a mix between a falcon and a human. She had four golden wings and black clawed talons for feet that was wrapped in purple armour to prove it. Overall, she looked human, if not for the spinning halo with eyes behind her head and the extra pair of eyes on her clear face that wasn't covered by her long dark blonde hair that was made into a thick braid. Not to mention that even her clothes were gold and reds with cloud motifs. 

Yilmaz couldn't directly stare at her without his mask. He might burn his eyes off if he did. Night and day didn't mix well unless they were at a stalemate. “Cruel one, sistto-in-arms. I may be a gambler but I know restraint. What did I do to hurt you?”

“Nothing. Are you going to stay in that human form of yours or will you grace me with your true form and talk formalities with me, Yilmaz?”

Yilmaz thought about it. It wasn't like there was any reason to hide it. He wasn't in the mortal realm where he could cause a devastation of blindness if he showed his real form. With a relenting sigh, Yilmaz flicked his fan open and ran it over his hair. Once dark violet strands changed like the dark night with blue luminescent highlights and began floating up like it didn't know gravity. His robes shifted to that of the darkest ocean and lightest violet with streaking stars. On his back, sprouted six swirling galaxy raven wings with hundreds of silver eyes that flashed open. His normal legs were replaced with black talons of a murderous raven.

The raven Primordial stepped forward, snapping his fan closed and blinking behind the mask that covered the upper portion of his face. The darkness following him shifted and snuffed out the nearby light but did not touch the Light Primordial's burning grace.

“Does this ease you more then, Alina?” Yilmaz asked with a voice that was like a thousand whispers of the deep. “I just got here and formalities are already needed? So cruel to your elder.”

“You're only a thousand years older than me,” Alina rolled her many eyes and retrieved her golden sceptre with a golden falcon head. The large ruby stone on the center of its forehead glowed with pure power. “But to move our conversation along, the new gods requested a banquet in these golden halls with us Primordials as the honoured guests. They said its the time of the feasts of all gods.”

Yilmaz's hummed. “Oh? That big of a deal?”

“Afraid so. They said it was an important event that should be celebrated by all.”

“A little ridiculous to say there’s a feast for all the deities when there's none. Are you sure they’re not just flaunting that they have devotees amass?”

Alina cracked a smile and tucked her wings neatly on her back. “It would seem to be the case but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re just here to have a break.”

“Why now? They finally decided it was worthy to invite their predecessors and creators?” Yilmaz huffed an amused laugh.

“I much prefer watching over the humans and giving them their due bright days and mornings just as you prefer gambling and bringing your cover of night to the world,” Alina waved her upper right wing and sat down on a nearby lounge chair. “although declining such an offer from our descendant gods would be rude wouldn't it? What do you say?”

“What about the others?” Yilmaz asked.

“That depends if they'll want to attend. I’ll get their opinion later. Right now, I just need your answer.”

Declining to such extravagance was akin to toppling over the finest dish prepared by the host of a home that you were entering. Feasts that were arranged by the gods were considered a great honor by everyone who was welcomed to have a seat. They usually composed of all the finer things that nobles and royalties would salivate over. Gold, food, gifts, achievements, anything so long as it was within propriety. 

Knowing Alina, she was a fair and just ruler of the morning skies and light so she'd say yes to celebrations that were hearty and social. She had her heavenly attendants to help her make preparations and venue arrangements. For Yilmaz? He wasn't much of a party person and preferred to spend his days in disguise, observing and finding amusement in nightly mortal games and gambles. So in the end, he just shrugged and told the Falcon Primordial he truly didn't mind if she let them celebrate; he also told her that he'd help in decorating should she need it. Needless to say, Alina looked satisfied with his answer and informed the new deities of the arrangement by sending small messenger firebirds.

After that, she shooed Yilmaz away with a wave of her golden wings and a roll of her eye halo. “Go now, I’ll be bringing down the sun behind the mountains and sea. You know Anahita always loved it when its time for dawn and dusk.”

Yilmaz couldn't refute her for that. He opened a portal with a small wave of his hand and was about to descend into his domain but Alina’s next words almost made him stumble and fall into the vortex of twisting shadows and stars.

“Oh by the way, did you happen to encounter our dear Nature Primordial?”

“What about him?”

“He likes gatherings and celebrations like this. He usually spends his time lounging about in the forests of the mortal realm and growing new plants or creating exotic creatures.”

“So what do you want me to do about him...?”

“Nothing,” Alina smiled. “If you see him, please tell him that Anahita and I send our best regards. Both of you spend too much time in the mortal realm so I thought you'd be bound to meet each other.”

“Mm. I'll see what I can do and if we cross each other's path.”

Alina made a small twittering noise and said no more. Conversation done, Yilmaz allowed himself to fall into the stormy void that transported him into the vast expanse of obsidian night and multi-colored galaxies. 

His palace and domain. Endless voids and galaxies all with their well kept secrets. Silver and obsidian pillars composed the structure and halls of the floating palace that humans swore they only saw in their wildest imagination. It had many room and an open grand ballroom that overlooked the stars and planets that he watched over. Within it, slithering shades of different variety clung upon the walls and tugged at his robes when he landed with a graceful flap of his six wings. 

Welcome home, Primordial Darkness Lord.

It's time! It's almost time!

Lord Darkness, many prayers have come in. They seek your guidance.

Lord Primordial, did you go to Lord Light?

“Banquet plans. Lord Light Primordial’s domain will hold a party for all the deities that mortals worship. Who's idea was it, I don't know.”


Banquet? What designs?

May we help decorate?

Those were a few of the words that the shades mumbled to him in their ancient tongue that only he understood. Some vied for his attention and he gave them gentle pats and strokes as he lumbered amongst the halls, heading straight to his secret room. They followed right after him eagerly.

Lord Primordial, guidance prayers.

“Ah, yes. Guidance on a bet and safe travels in the night. That's not for me anymore. I simply bring in the stars and the night and the moon.” 

The shades swirled around his arms as he pushed the grand silver doors open to the closed podium. Where humans were constellations and twinkling lights in his canvas of darkness. Wishes of the human mind are sometimes ridiculous and not worth the bother, some even made his eyes roll in exasperation.

He ran his fingers over the floating white lights, touching them one by one in a delicate way like he was handling fragile glass. Prayers and commemoration, songs and ballads for him rang clear to his sharp feathered ears. Some of them pure, some of them obscene. He was used to those prayers and ignored them easily. Others he answered with a gentle wave of his hand, the floating light disappearing as they were given their blessings.

Though, one prayer made him halt in everything that he was doing. All the eyes on his wings were fixated as a voice like that of sweetened honey and fruits spoke the loudest in the star that he held on his gloved palm.

“I wonder if the Dark Primordial could share a drink with me? It would be nice to know him personally. Ah! A wonder. If only he wasn't so reclusive and such a shy person.”

That voice. It was familiar but he couldn't quite place who it was. It wasn't even filled with profanities, just a pure curious thought. The shades swirled in interest, whispering their curiosity when their lord and creator seemed to cease breathing and moving. 

Is the lord fine?

Don't know. He looks like he heard something strange.

Wonder. Wonder.

Yilmaz's brow pinched behind his mask. His wings twitched in interest before he waved the star away and out of his hand. “Nevermind that. Hush now, little shades.”

He has a duty to attend to. It is nearing sunset an d Alina is reigning in the huge ball of light that mortals call ‘the sun’ to another direction. Now, it was his time to take flight. He waves a clawed dark hand, scattering the lights that surrounded the room to be replaced by the sparkling image of the red-orange color of the skies and the shadows of the mountains that he has yet to paint in gentle blankets muted colors. He waved his hand and a paintbrush made of some dark coarse material manifested into existence. Yilmaz crouched and jumped into the high ceiling of the podium, spreading his wings. With it, inky darkness and shadows pooled and stained the mortal projection of the sky in its slow course while he meticulously dots and scatters splashes of glowing colors in their designated places as mortals and astrologers always viewed them. 

Our lord is splendid!

AH, young one. Of course he is. He is, after all, the ruler of the ancient darkness.

Alina herself had a different technique. She merely swiped her wing and spear over the mortal ream's skies and with it, she could bring blue skies and clouds to existence. Her mood affected the weather in the mornings just as Yilmaz's own did in the night. On another note, the sea that belonged to the Water Primordial was affected by her good graces of the conch shell and unpredictable nature, the Earth Primordial ensured the lands and created them to be inhabited with her volcanoes, and the Nature Primordial brought the faunas and floras in the land with his craft and flute skills. Each of their roles were as important as human's who needed to breath air to live, without them, the universe would not be created... and along with other gods that came to existence after them.

Satisfied with his work, Yilmaz waved away his paintbrush and landed with a gentle thump on his raven feet. All were in accordance, the morning would wash away his work soon. He should go to the mortal realm to indulge, he'd done his duty for the day and he needed to satisfy his boredom. 

Mind made up, Yilmaz briefly said goodbye to the shades and jumped in the vortex of shadows, transforming his visage into that of a young master from a rich household with night black hair and double layered robes of blue, violet, and white with moon patterns on the sleeves and hems. His darkness receded, revealing him to be at the edge of the forest near the bustling city filled with lanterns and lively entertainment establishments. He found himself wandering on the road and winded himself again in a restaurant with musicians and gamblers gathering about.

Now, he was seated in one of the inconspicious booths that was hidden by wooden dividers to block unwanted attention from other patrons, leaning against the low wooden table with a cup of water and a variety of steamed dishes. The music mortals came up were rather fascinating, the only thing that entertained him from his rather uneventful existence. 

The sound of the zither and erhu are loud, the voices of the human women are as sweet as honey nectar that spoke of longing and lasting love of arts. The shaking of the dice underneath the cup echoed with soft clicks; soft mumbles of appreciation float in a blanket of coziness. 

However, his blanket of bliss was shattered when a salacious and alluring voice spoke right. Next. To. Him. Gooseflesh raised on his skin.

“Hello, Yilmaz. What a coincidence to see you here.”

His gaze snapped up to a man. There he was, the source of his woes. Rouzia was dressed in pink robes with golden hems tailored in plant like fashion worthy of a wealthy son of a noble, standing right in front of him with mirth in his amber eyes and smirk. His hair was a dark burgundy-brown reflecting the soft flicker of the lanterns. His beige hands that had the vine tattoos were hidden by long bellowing sleeves on his side. What in the name of the skies was the Nature Primordial doing in an establishment like this? Was he not reclusive or spent his days scaring folks in the forest with his strange hobbies of sleeping out in the open like a corpse?

It took a while before Yilmaz’s thoughts were coherent again. He smoothed away any traces of surprise on his face. “A coincidence indeed. What brings you to the entertainment district at this time of night?”

“Oh!” Rouzia laughed sweetly. “I love mingling with the people. They’re fascinating creatures and I enjoy their hearty wines and juices that come from different fruits of my works of art. Mind if I join you tonight in your space?”

“Do what you please.”

“Thank you, darling,” Rouzia sat on the other end of the table, waving a serf over. “you’re very kind to give this young master a seat at your table.”

“Sure, whatever you say.”

“Aw, don’t be mean. What did I do to deserve such treatment?”

Yilmaz quirked a brow. “Need I remind you that you said such profane and suggestive words when we met in the forest?”

Rouzia's eyes went round like a sweet doe as if trying to deny the treason that he committed. Yilmaz wanted to wring his neck and pin him to the ground for such ignorance. “Oh, I’m sorry. How could I resist with such a tempting and handsome man with skills to booth in my midst? Surely, you know my intentions are pure and good.”

The saccharine sweet voice it was said made Yilmaz want to smother Rouzia with his hands even more.

“Is that your way of interacting with people?”

“Only to those that are easy to tease.”

“Very funny.”

“Oh, thank you, dearest. I try to be. I can do it more if you want?” A wink was sent to his direction.

Before Yilmaz could even retort back, the serf interrupted their little space and bowed to Rouzia. “Good evening, young master. What can this servant get you?”

“Good evening! May this humble one have the peach and chrysanthemum wine?”

The serf bowed with a struck smile, swiftly taken by Rouzia's sweet grin and voice as Yilmaz observed. “Certainly, young master!”

The serf disappeared for a bit and returned just as quick with a jar of the requested wine and a small drinking dish that the Nature Primordial gratefully took. With a swift reminder to wave the serf over should Rouzia need anything and a small thank you, they were once more left to their own thoughts. 

“So, Alina said there was a banquet coming that was arranged by the second generation gods? Sister asked if we were to bring anything to the party?”

“She didn’t say. I would take a guess that we’re just there to attend.”

“Huh, weird. I thought they didn’t want to bother us. Must be a really huge thing that they decided it was worthy of our presence. Perhaps there will be dancing or a wedding between major gods of the second generation?” Rouzia mused.


Yilmaz watched Rouzia pour himself a cup and then swiftly down it with a satisfied hum. He was definitely not eyeing the way the lump on Rouzia's exposed neck bobble or the absolute blissful expression on that ethereal face.

“Good wine!” he said. “Would you care for a little taste?”

Yilmaz shook his head. “I don’t drink.”

“Why? It’s not bad. Mortal alcohol isn’t as potent as godly wine.”

Yilmaz procured his blue colored fan and flicked it open to cool his face. 

“Alcohol and I don’t mix well.”

Last time he got drunk, it had been a disaster when he woke from his stupor with a pounding headache. The human realm had already told too many a story that they'd seen hundreds of eyes in the shadows and unworldly creatures romping freely like it was a playground for all which served to worsen his hangover. Needless to say, Alina had scolded him and it had taken Yilmaz days to capture the creatures and trap them back in the darkness so he swore to never drink unless it was an absolute neccesity.

Rouzia smirked and leaned against the table, wine cup near his lips and his eyes half lidded. “Oh, interesting. Self control for yourself and abstaining from worldly pleasures? Isn’t it boring?”

Something within Yilmaz’s chest stirred. The challenge within those eyes lit a sort of burning in the recesses of his long buried thoughts. Yilmaz hummed and poured himself a cup of water. Lifting it up to his lips, he stared straight into the amber eyes and said in a low and soft voice.

“Why? Do you want to play with the danger and darkness of this one’s worldly pleasures?” Here he takes a sip of his water and licks his dark lips from the moisture. “because I can take you up on the challenge.”

It must've been his imagination but it looked like Rouzia's eyes widened a fraction and his handsome face pinked. His hand looked like it was ready to drop the cup.


Yilmaz plucked the cup from the dainty fingers with a cool brow. Rouzia jerked back, cradling his hand with wide eyes as if he’d been struck. Yilmaz gently placed the cups on the table and sat up straight, reaching in his sleeves for his pouch and money. 

A wave of his dark hand and a serf immediately went over with a bow. The serf's eyes widened when silver and gold were dropped on his outstretched palms. It was enough for all the food on the table and six more jars of wine!

“I'm paying for my food and for more jars of wine that the young master that joined me would like to indulge in.”

“Oh—yes, lord! Whatever the young lord says!” The serf says with another surprised bow. 

Meanwhile Rouzia’s jaw dropped. His face was now colored like the red roses in full bloom. “Wait—you don’t have to—”

Yilmaz stood up. “Have a pleasant night, young master. I enjoyed the company. Enjoy yourself with a few more rounds of wine. Until next time.”

With a palm to fist courtesy, the Dark Primordial left the Nature Primordial in disguise within the restaurant with those words. He could feel eyes on his retreating form but he ignored them. Deep within his very essence and being, some sort of satisfaction set and stirred at what he’d done. 

And that sweet struck expression made Yilmaz fan his face slowly. He walked out the door and disappeared into the bustling crowd in the streets.

Nova Genesis Creator

A plan fora banquet, a taste of work, and a conversation shared in sweet wine