In the mystical realm of "PINAGMULAN," where the gods and goddesses of the Philippines reside, a crucial gathering was held to determine the fate of the people of the land. The fate of the entire nation in the balance, and their future was come to an end. 

Amid the gathering, a majestic figure emerged, an old God with long white hair that was simply down his back, and his clothes were made of white cloth that covered his large body. With gold pieces attached to his arms and legs, he commanded respect from all those present. 

This was Bathala, the god of all, the creator and source of all gods. He was the one who created the heavens and the earth, and everything that existed in them. His power transcended all, and he could control the elements of nature, from the raging fire to the furious waters. 

As the assembly waited for a crucial decision, Bathala began to cast his judgment, deciding whether the people of the Philippines were worthy of living in the next few years. The fate of the nation rested in his hands, and everyone present knew that his decision would determine the course of their future.

Bathala walked into the corner just to clarify some things that probably affect the actions of all God and Goddesses. According to Bathala, the highest-ranking deity, once called upon all the gods and goddesses to discuss an important matter. He expressed his concern about the actions of the people of the Philippines, who, he believed, were driven by greed, causing harm to others, creating chaos, and showing little regard for the importance of life, including animals and nature. Despite all this, he wondered if his fellow deities still decided to grant the people a chance to continue living. This question reflected Bathala's deep understanding of the complexities of human nature and his concern for the well-being of all living beings.

Among the gathering of famous gods and goddesses such as Sitan, Mayari, Pirehna, Anitun tabu, Agui, Dihas, Kalinga, and others, Bathala's children, Tag ani, Liwayway, Bighari, Kidlat, and Hangin at Araw, were also present. The atmosphere was tense, as the gods discussed their decision for the fate of people in the Philippines.

One of the gods questioned the need for such a gathering, given the fact that they all agreed to destroy the Philippines in existence. One of the Gods says he was disappointed by the fact that despite being the source of all their blessings, the people did not appreciate them.

A goddess walked in, expressing also her disappointment in the people's behavior. She had been watching them for a long time and had observed that they were too proud and only interested in serving their desires. She even went on to suggest that they should just disappear.

Kidlat, known for his annoying laugh, was quick to add fuel to the fire. He urged Bathala, their father, to punish the people so that they could learn and grow old. The gods and goddesses continued to debate the matter.

The arguments became so intense that Bathala decided to put an end to the continuous life of the Philippines. He quickly left the "Pinag mulan" and went down to the Philippines to announce to the people that their end was near and that he was going to destroy their land.

The people panicked and begged Bathala to withdraw his decision, promising to change their ways. However, Bathala only responded with a serious and unforgiving look. "You haven't changed for a long time. It's time to end your evil deeds in this world," he said.

Despite their pleas and tears, Bathala had made his decision, and it could not be stopped anymore. The people cried and knelt before Bathala to beg for mercy, but it was all in vain. The end of the Philippines was near, and there was nothing that could be done to prevent it.

As Bathala gives them only two days to prepare for their end. The people of the Philippines were left feeling fearful and apprehensive about the future. They knew that the end was near, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

However, the very next day, a beautiful fairy appeared before them. Her long hair sparkled like a thousand stars in the night sky, and her lips were as red as a rose. The tall, white woman was none other than Maria Makiling, the goddess of nature and the protector of the forest.

Maria spoke to the Filipinos, telling them that the decision was already made and there was no turning back they could not resist the gods' decision, but there was another way, and she was there to help them. The people begged and pleaded with her to appeal to the gods on their behalf and ask for their salvation.

Because of this, Maria agreed to go to "Pinag Mulan" to speak with Bathala himself. The outcome of their encounter would determine the fate of the people of the Philippines.

So Maria Makiling decides to go to "Pinag Mulan" just to convince other Gods about the decision.

However, it is not helpful because the Gods made their final decision and even the deity Maria Makiling could not stop it. Despite her best efforts, she could not change their minds.

But Maria Makiling was not one to give up easily. She knew that the people of the Philippines were kind-hearted and compassionate, despite what the gods thought. So, she decided to show them the good in people.

She spoke to the gods and goddesses, telling them that not all Filipinos were bad. Some were still good and had pure hearts. She also highlighted the good traits of Filipinos such as their willingness to help others, feed and shelter the less fortunate, and take care of animals.

Maria Makiling hoped that her efforts would change the minds of the gods and goddesses. But instead, they laughed at her and dismissed her request, claiming that she was going crazy.

Kidlat, one of Bathala's sons, accused "Diyan Masalanta/Maria Makiling" the guardian of nature, of being crazy for not being angry with the humans who were continuously destroying nature. However, Maria Makiling, who had always seen the good in humans despite their destructive behavior, pleaded with Kidlat to stop being hostile towards them. Hangin, the other son of Bathala, agreed with Kidlat that the humans had gone too far and there was nothing left to discuss. Araw, the sun god, was amused by the situation and jokingly suggested that the humans be finished off so he could watch from his position in the sky. Maria Makiling, the only one who still had hope for humanity, was outnumbered and left with no choice but to accept the group's decision.

As Maria Makiling stood before the gods, Bathala, the leader of the gods, had been silently listening for a while. After a few moments, he spoke in a serious voice, asking Maria Makiling if she could provide a good reason for her decision.

Knowing that her decision would not change, Maria Makiling offered a suggestion - to hold a competition between the people of the Philippines and the gods. If the people won, the gods would stop their decision, but if the gods won, they could do as they pleased.

The other gods were angry at the suggestion and deemed it utter madness. However, Bathala did not immediately dismiss the idea and asked Maria Makiling what they would gain from this competition.

Maria Makiling assured him that the gods would be satisfied with the matches that they would be able to watch, indicating that the competition would be a spectacle and a source of entertainment for them.

Bathala, the supreme god of the Philippines, asked Maria Makiling about her plan to fight against him. Maria Makiling replied with confidence, "I will find fifteen greatest souls of the Philippines heroes to fight against you and your subordinates, and just be prepared!

Bathala was taken aback by her response and replied with anger, "Are you crazy? Do you think that people can win over the gods?" Bathala's anger was evident in his voice, and lightning bolts flickered around him.

Despite Bathala's anger, Maria Makiling remained calm and spoke gently, "I have faith in the people of the Philippines. I know they can win." Her words were filled with conviction, and she smiled brightly.

Bathala, after a moment of thought, decided to accept Maria Makiling's offer and asked her to provide him with the list of the fifteen heroes who would participate in the competition.

"I will make sure that you will regret what you did. I hope the people you are defending will give us a good fight," Bathala said with a sharp look in his eyes.

Maria Makiling left the place, still worried about the safety of the humanity. She knew that their fate depended on a one-on-one fight. It would be a battle between God and humans, and the outcome was uncertain.

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