Chapter 1: The other Realm

Long ago, a harmonious existence prevailed among humans, magical beasts, elemental beings, fairies, and other mythical creatures that had only been known through tales and fiction books.

Regrettably, the inherent greed of humans and the misuse of power by supernatural beings led to a conflict that eventually escalated into a devastating war. Overwhelmed by the might of these powerful beings, countless humans perished.

In order to prevent the complete annihilation of the human race, an unidentified mage, who held love for both sides, made a sacrificial decision. By utilizing her entire life force, she created an alternate world within our own, segregating humans from other creatures. Humans would continue to inhabit the familiar realm, while supernatural beings would reside in the newly formed world. Though this solution was widely embraced, with many recognizing the mage's noble sacrifice, a few supernatural creatures chose to flee and never entered the new realm. As a result, sporadic encounters and tales of these elusive creatures persist even today.

Subsequently, the newly created world came to be known as Arcanum, comprising seven continents: Valona, Stalatin, Ringiban, Abylobian, Sigkiara, Turdea, and Opitua. These continents mirror the structure of the familiar world's seven continents. Remarkably, each continent possesses a corresponding portal situated in distinct locations across the normal realm.

Within an unfamiliar forest, adorned with countless fairy lights and brimming with peculiar flora and fauna, a young child of approximately 12 years old is observed fleeing from an unidentified pursuer. Evidently desperate to find sanctuary, the child strives to reach a destination that promises escape from his current predicament. Despite running tirelessly for nearly an hour, his valiant attempts prove futile, as he finds himself trapped and surrounded by a multitude of winged creatures. These beings, possessing human-like characteristics intertwined with bird-like wings, claws, and eyes, now stand before the child, closing off any hope of evading capture.

Advancing ahead, the foremost bird-like humanoid leader positioned itself in front of the child, prompting a fearful reaction from the young one. With a mix of apprehension and recognition, the child uttered the name "Aquila," indicating a degree of familiarity with the creature. As Aquila commenced speaking, the child's surroundings began to blur, obscuring the details. Amidst the growing haze, the child managed to discern Aquila's cautionary words, conveying the grim message that “escape from one's destined path was an unattainable feat”.

The setting transitioned to a moment where the child, now a teenager, jolted awake in response to a resounding thunderclap. Clutching his head, he grimaced with a throbbing headache, muttering about yet another peculiar dream he had just experienced. Deep within, he recognized that these dreams held significance beyond ordinary slumber, perceiving them as fragments of his "lost memories.


The boy goes by the name of Cyrus and currently lives in Manila with Alya, his adoptive mother, who interestingly happens to be the aunt of his friend. Lyra, the friend, has also sought refuge with them, aiming to distance herself from her past. While Cyrus has experienced memory loss, Lyra retains clear recollections of the events that transpired four years ago. Despite her recollection of the events, she avoids answering Cyrus' inquiries regarding them, as they evoke traumatic memories. Recognizing the impact of her past experiences, Cyrus refrains from broaching the subject again, understanding the need for sensitivity and respect.

Although Cyrus refrains from questioning Lyra further, it doesn't deter him from actively seeking a means to recover his lost memories.

Four years ago, Cyrus, Lyra, and their friend (also Cyrus’s cousin) Celestine mysteriously disappeared from their hometown in Eastern Samar. Only Cyrus and Lyra eventually returned after a couple of years. Cyrus had no recollection of the missing years, while Lyra suffered from trauma and temporary loss of speech. Tragically, Cyrus also learned that his father had passed away from an unknown illness during their absence, further deepening his sorrow.

Despite recognizing the potential consequences of recovering his lost memories, Cyrus cannot suppress his desire to uncover the truth behind his father's fate and rescue Celestine, their friend who remains missing.

Driven by this inner turmoil, Cyrus decides to part ways with Alya and Lyra, embarking on a clandestine journey back to his hometown. His purpose is to seek out Diya, a renowned witch and fortune teller in the area, in hopes of obtaining crucial information.

Despite Alya's repeated attempts to get a response from Cyrus by knocking on his bedroom door, no answer comes forth. Growing increasingly concerned, she finally opens the door, only to discover Cyrus's absence. Lyra, having known Cyrus for many years and understanding his thought process, becomes certain that he has returned to their hometown in search of the truth surrounding the events of four years ago. Without hesitation, Lyra informs her aunt that they must journey back to their province before it becomes too late. Alya, still confused about what was happening, looked at Lyra with a puzzled expression.

In an effort to dispel the confusion, Lyra finds herself with no option but to reveal the truth, understanding that her aunt genuinely cares for her adoptive son.

(This chapter is short. Revelation will be on the next chapter where we will see a throwback on what happened 4 years ago so please expect a longer chapter.)

Yulenyx Creator

After four years of coming back from an enigmatic realm, a teenage protagonist continues to be tormented by haunting dreams that seem to hold fragments of forgotten memories. Fueled by determination, the young teen resolves to revisit this realm, firmly believing that it is necessary to rescue their friend from the clutches of those they perceive as captors.