In the heart of this icy expanse stood a figure unlike any other—a GODDESS. She possesses an otherworldly beauty, with a pale complexion and silver hair that shimmers like moonlight. Adorned in a flowing white dress, the fabric she wears has intricate patterns of blue crystals that glimmer and emit a faint magical aura. The fur lining of it also adds an element of regality to her appearance.

The goddess then extends her delicate hand, palm upturned, like a silent invitation. When suddenly, another mysterious figure—a GOD, with flowing blue hair and ears reminiscent of a sea creature, steps forward to meet her.

The god, on the other hand, is adorned in a half-scale suit, its iridescent texture shimmering like water in the sunlight. The upper portion of his body remains bare, revealing his chiseled chest—a testament to his strength and connection to the place where he lives.

As the two supreme beings held each other, their connection ignites a profound exchange of words.

GODDESS: What if I'm wrong? What if it gets worse when we're not around?

GOD: You have to believe in yourself as we believed in you.

GODDESS: (teary eyes) Will I ever see you again?

GOD: We will be together forever. Remember that we are bonded by fate, and nothing can separate us, even in the afterlife.

He gently wipes away a tear from her cheek, his voice filled with determination.

GOD: I will do everything to find you again, and that's a promise.

As their words linger in the air, the atmosphere becomes charged with emotion. The goddess and the god draw closer, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss—a moment frozen in time.


However, as their connection can even fully unfold, the dream begins to fade abruptly… 


OCTOBER 25, 2146 NWE* (*New World Era)

In a bedroom…

Anne is still laying down in her bed. This girl is in her early teens, her complexion is as pale as the goddess in her dream, though her hair is golden. As she opens her eyes, her breath is slightly uneven. She instinctively touches her lips, a gesture that betrays the lingering sensation of the kiss. Confusion clouds her thoughts as she grapples with the vividness of the dream.

ANNE: That kiss... why does it feel so real?

Her fingertips brush against her lips once again, as if seeking confirmation of the enchanting connection she experienced in the dream. But then she places her hand over her face, concealing it as confusion weighs upon her. She lets out a sigh, a mixture of bewilderment and contemplation.

ANNE: Such a weird dream. That couple... I don't even know who they are.

She then glances at the clock by her nightstand. Her eyes widen as she registers the time—9:36 AM.

ANNE: Welp… I overslept.

But as she is still trying to make sense of her dream, a distant voice calls out her name, piercing through the walls of her room.

VOICE: Anne!!!

Recognizing the voice, Anne's brows furrow in surprise. She hesitates for a moment, trying to comprehend why her sister is present.

ANNE: Is that sis? Why is she here?

Anne, still immersed in her thoughts, is interrupted once more by her sister's voice from outside the room.

SISTER: Get up! You late riser.

Anne's brows furrow further, a mix of annoyance and amusement dancing across her face. She knows her sister means well, even if her wake-up calls are less than gentle. She sits up on her bed, then hugs one of her pillows with her tiredness evident from a wide yawn.

ANNE: (mumbling sleepily) Yah yah... I'm awake.

In a corner of her room is a WHITE FOX, Anne's beloved pet, who lies comfortably on a doggy bed. The fox stirs from its sleep, its attentive eyes are now fixed on the door as it was also drawn by the presence of Anne's sister’s voice. Anne's sister stands outside the room, grips the doorknob, and swings it open. As the door reveals the sight before her…

SISTER: (startled) What the– (eyes narrowing in frustration) Goddarnit Anne!! Why are you naked again?

Anne continues to hug the pillow tightly against her bare top, using it as a makeshift cover. But despite her sister's comment, she seems unfazed that she even drops the pillow and now decided to stretch both of her arms upward.>

ANNE: (nonchalant) But it's so comfy sleeping like this.

Her tone holds a hint of playfulness as if this has become a regular occurrence between the two sisters. Anne's sister steps inside the room, and is now being fueled by her frustration. She reaches for a disk-like gadget (Anirang) attached to her belt and with a swift press of the button in the center, a remarkable transformation takes place. A creature emerges from the gadget, starting as a radiant light before materializing into a real animal. It's a honey badger.

The honey badger swiftly flies toward Anne, sensing her sister's command. With impressive agility, it positions itself to cover Anne's bare body, acting as an impromptu shield. However, the sudden movement startles Anne, causing her to lose balance and stumble down, off her bed.

ANNE: (screaming) Waaaah!!!

Anne, lying on the floor after her unexpected tumble, lets out a groan of discomfort.

ANNE: Ouch!!! You don't have to throw your aniture at me, sis.


Anne hastily pulls the bedsheet to cover herself, feeling a sense of modesty as the honey badger obediently moves aside, glancing back at its owner. Anne's sister, still visibly annoyed, approaches the bedside with her arms by her waist.

SISTER: (frustrated) How did you even do that in a place like this?!

She points out of the window, drawing Anne's attention to the snowy landscape beyond.

SISTER: Look!!! (angered) There are literally 12 inches of snow in our backyard! It's goddamn freezing outside, Anne!!


ANNE: Hahaha! Exactly.

Still wrapped in the bedsheet, Anne smiles mischievously, thoroughly enjoying her sister's exasperation.

ANNE: That means I can run around naked in the house without worrying if someone will actually see me.

She wiggles her eyebrows playfully, emphasizing her point. Anne's carefree nature shines through as she relishes in the freedom provided by their secluded mountainous location.

ANNE: (grinning) Since it's just me and Mom in this whole mountain. And she probably wouldn't care either.

Anne's sister, having reached her limit with Anne's silliness, takes a deep breath and sighs, appearing to calm down. She put her honey badger back inside her anirang and kept it once again on her belt. She then decides to address the situation more seriously.

SISTER:(resigned) Not because this is an all-ladies house that you get to do that every day. What if I brought a guest with me right now for your birthday?

ANNE: (mutters) Birthday?

Realization slowly dawns on Anne as she comprehends the significance of the day.

ANNE: (panics) I forgot!!! It's my birthday today!! (but her expression changes right after she finally understood why her sister chose to be there right now) So that's why you're here? Yet you didn't even try visiting us for one whole month already.

SISTER: (defensive) I'm busy, Anne. And you know how hard it is to climb a fuckin' mountain.

Anne, as she is currently dressing up in her cozy wool sweater, challenges her sister's excuse.

ANNE:(assertively) Then why don't you give that same excuse to Mom? You know she's working around this mountain every day.

Her sister waves off Anne's comment dismissively.

SISTER:(mockingly) Yeah, yeah... yada yada.

Turns towards the door, her sister grips the doorknob.

SISTER: When you're done, just head downstairs so we can eat already.

ANNE: Okay. I'll be there in a jiffy. (finished wearing her skirt)

Anne's sister pauses before leaving as she remembers something important. She reaches into her pocket and retrieves a letter.

SISTER: (hands out an envelope) Oh, before I forgot, you've got mail from the post office. I'd rather take this with me than have it delivered by those old folks.

Anne takes the letter from her sister and stares at it in silence.

SISTER: I'm off. Don't make us wait for too long, okay?

Her sister exits the room, leaving Anne alone with the mysterious letter. Anne examines the envelope and notices a fingerprint scanner. She places her finger on the scanner, and with a click, the envelope opens. She pulls out a birthday card from within.

Anne's hands tremble slightly as she opens the birthday card and begins reading its contents. Her eyes scan the handwritten message inside.

The card reads:

"Hi sweetie,

Happy happy birthday!

Don't you think this is the right time for you to become a handler? You can finally go to different places and be free just like what you used to dream of. Can't wait for us to meet already. Take care and love yah.

Signed, 'D'"

Anne's expression shifts from curiosity to a touch of nostalgia. The mention of becoming a handler and the invitation to explore different places stirs up old dreams and desires within her. But there is no hint of surprise as to who were her mysterious sender. Instead, her emotions quickly shift to a sense of conflict and responsibility. She crumples the letter in her hand, clearly disheartened by its contents.

ANNE: (In her thoughts) [ Handler? But I can't leave Mom all alone by herself in a place like this.]

Anne places the crumpled card on top of her nightstand.

ANNE: I'm the only help she can have right now.

She walks toward the door with her loyal white fox companion following closely behind. With a final glance at the card, Anne leaves her room and closes the door behind her.


Anne descends the stairway, her footsteps echoing in their house. She then calls out for her mother.

ANNE: (loudly) Mom?

As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, Anne is greeted by her mother and sister, both wearing cheerful smiles.


Anne's face lights up with a mix of surprise and delight as she takes in the warm welcome. Her eyes shift to the dining area, where a table is filled with their breakfast, including bread, eggs, and bacon. But amidst the delicious spread, Anne's eyes widen in awe as she spots the magnificent cake on the table.

ANNE: Woah!!! Mom is that a cake over there?!

Anne approaches the cake, examining its exquisite design and luxurious appearance.

ANNE: (amazed) Gosh!! Why does this look so extravagant?! 



Concern creeps into Anne's voice as she turns to her sister, seeking answers.

ANNE: How much did you spend to get this thing, sis? Are you really earning that much as a handler?

Anne's inquiry reveals her diligent and conscientious side, displaying her cautious approach to finances.

SISTER: Wuut? Why are you asking for the price of a present that was given to you? That's just stupid, Anne.

Her sister's response carries a hint of playful annoyance, dismissing Anne's concern over the cost of the gift.

ANNE: But damn... it's been ages since I've seen one! And look at those three flower candies on top!! So cute and yummy!!

SISTER: Patay-gutom?

ANNE: Oh gosh, those sparkly eyes... (as if the cake is staring at her) I can't resist those glorious sparkly eyes...

Her sister rolls her eyes, clearly unamused by Anne's antics.

SISTER : (irritated) Mom??? What have you been feeding Anne lately?

Their mother responds, trying to defuse the situation with a gentle smile.

MOM: (calmly) Oh dear, she's just being herself, you know.

Anne, unable to contain her excitement, dips her fingertip into the cake and takes a small scoop, savoring the taste.

ANNE: Ummmm.... (after tasting) Sweet!! I love it!! Yum yum yum!

Her impulsive action triggers her sister's anger.

SISTER: Anne!! What the hell are you doing?!

ANNE: S-sorry sis...

SISTER: Why are you always acting so impulsive and destructive? Can you at least show some manners?!

ANNE: (pouts) Why are you always such a meanie?

Their mother intervenes with a gentle laugh.

MOM: (laughing) Let her be, Zenny. It's her birthday after all.

Zenny, still upset, questions their mother's leniency.

ZENNY: Mom!! Why are you always spoiling her?! 


Anne begins as she reflects on her relationship with her sister, Zennylla.

ANNE: That's my sister for ya. Her name is Zennylla, and she's five years older than me. We have this love-and-hate relationship most of the time. I think she's kinda jealous of me because I usually get more attention from Mom than she does. Mom always takes my side in our little arguments.

Anne's thoughts continue as she contemplates her own situation.

ANNE: I can't blame myself, though. My body is a little bit frail, and I could be an avid customer of any hospital out there.


All of them are now sitting by the dining table and enjoying their breakfast.

ZENNY: So... what's your plan now? You're at the right age already.

Anne ponders for a moment before responding.

ANNE: Hmm... I think I'd rather stay here at home with Mom.

ZENNY: This is a serious question I'm asking, Anne. Don't be such a brat and answer it properly.

ANNE: (defensively) I just turned 13, but that doesn't mean I can't act like a kid anymore...

ZENNY: How ironic? You hated being called a "kid," yet you admit it.

ANNE: Urrghh... I hate you, sis.

MOM: Anne, you need to think about your future already.

Anne takes another bite of her cake and ponders her mother's words.

ANNE: (muffled with cake in her mouth) Future, huh? But if I leave the house, who's gonna be with you now, Mom?

MOM: We've talked about this already. I told you I'll be fine here alone. I don't want you to be left behind by other teens your age. Not in our society nowadays.

Anne pounds the table, frustrated by her mother's stance.

ANNE: But, Mom! Your case is different!

Anne pleads with her mother, worried about the isolated nature of their living situation.

ANNE: We're living here on top of this mountain, without any neighboring town. The nearest town is almost a day away by foot. What if something bad were to happen to you?

Her mother is momentarily at a loss for words, as she understands the genuine concern in her daughter's voice.


Anne's inner thoughts continue as she reflects on her family situation.

ANNE: My mom is a field researcher. She and Dad decided to live here at Winterwolf Mountain because of their job. My dad is a scientist, also a researcher; but I haven't heard any news about him until now. All I know is that he left our family on the day I was born...

To think that I used to hate my own birth date. I even hated myself. Would it have been better if I hadn't been born at all? That question haunts me, but Mom always tells me it's not my fault. She says my dad became a dangerous man, and she made us promise to never speak his name again, not to anyone...

The grief that my mom carries while taking care of us as a single parent is too painful for me to see every day. So the only thing I can do is to always stick beside her, to protect her. It feels like my obligation. But who am I to say these words? I'm just a kid. 


ZENNY: Was it that difficult? You only have 2 choices. To be a handler like me, or go back to school as a student. I believe Mom has your school application ready now for you to fill up.

MOM: (interjects gently) But Anne, I want you to know that I'm not forcing you to go back to school. I just want you to have options. You're free to choose what you feel is best for you, and I'll support your decision. 

ANNE: But mom... I am worried about you.

MOM: I’m perfectly fine, Anne. Trust your mother.



All of them look at the white fox.

ANNE: Artiny?

Artiny approaches and sits at her side. Anne then pets her head.

ANNE: Good morning Artiny. How’s your sleep?

The fox wags her tail as Anne pets her head.

ZENNY: Why don't you pursue your dreams, Anne? Be a handler. Wouldn’t it be great for Artiny to make a lot of friends? Shell be an amazing aniture, you know. After all, you’ve been telling her that you want to explore different places with her since you were a kid.

ANNE: Aniture, huh... (looks at her mom) Mom, can you give me a little more time to think this over?

ZENNY: Unbelievable... You've had a whole year to prepare for this, and yet you're still undecided?

MOM: Let's give her the time she needs, Zenny. Making such a significant decision shouldn't be rushed. Anne, how about we revisit this topic later this afternoon? That way, you won't miss any registration deadlines if becoming a handler is what you end up choosing.

ANNE: Oh okay.



All teens in Malaya were given two options once they turned 13 yrs old. Now, Anne finds herself contemplating with the same options that were also laid before her: to remain a student or to become a handler. It's a pivotal moment in her life, as she enters the realm of decision-making and personal responsibility.

The government believes that teenagers should not only learn from books but also gain experiential knowledge and develop independence by exploring unfamiliar territories. This freedom of choice empowers individuals like Anne to shape their own futures.

Becoming a student would mean embracing a more traditional educational journey, attending school, and acquiring knowledge through structured lessons and academic pursuits. It offers the opportunity for comprehensive learning in a controlled environment, with a focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge.

On the other hand, becoming a handler represents a different path altogether. It offers a chance to engage in hands-on experiences, to become a custodian of anitures like Artiny, and to traverse new landscapes. As a handler, Anne would embark on thrilling adventures, forming deep connections with anitures and discovering the wonders of the world beyond her home. It symbolizes freedom, exploration, and the pursuit of personal growth outside the confines of traditional education.

With these two options in front of her, Anne realizes the significance of the decision she needs to make. It is not just about choosing a path; it is about determining her own destiny, embracing her desires, and taking responsibility for her future. The freedom of choice granted to her by the government is a testament to their belief in the potential of young individuals to shape their own lives and contribute meaningfully to society.


Evening came, at the living room…

ZENNY: (worries) Hey Anne. Are you sure about this?

Their mom passed the tablet to Anne. Anne took it and looked at the school application form.

ANNE: This is a better option for me and Mom. This way, I can still visit home every weekend after school.

ZENNY: Mom?! Are you okay with this?! How about her health?

MOM: Zenny, Anne is pretty stable for years already. She will do fine by herself. Your sister is working with me around this mountain everyday and she’s doing great.

ZENNY: But Mom! Mountain and school are totally different from each other!

ANNE: Sigh… sis. She’s still treating me like a baby. (whispers)

Anne, with a pen in her hand, is now filling up the form when suddenly…

"Anne... Don't..."

Caught off guard, Anne's attention is diverted from the form as she quickly looks around to check on her mom and sister.

ANNE: Huh?

Her mother and sister appear to be engrossed in their own discussion, unaware of Anne's growing uneasiness.

ANNE: What was that? (Whispers) Weird... It’s definitely not Mom and Sis.

She brushes off the mysterious voice as a figment of her imagination.

ANNE: Hmm... whatever… (deciding to continue filling out the form)

But then, a small snowflake materializes in midair, defying the confines of the surroundings. Anne's eyes widen as she watches it gently descend down on the tablet she holds. Curiosity overtakes her, and she reaches out to catch the snowflake with her finger, unaware of the danger that lurks within.

ANNE: Huh? A snowflake?

As soon as the snowflake touches her hand, a chilling sensation spreads through Anne's body. Panic sets in as she realizes that her hand is slowly becoming frozen, causing her to drop the pen to the floor in shock.

ANNE: M-mom... My hand… (voice shaking)

Gasping for breath, she calls out to her mom, her voice trembling with fear. Desperate and scared, Anne clutches her frozen arm with her other hand, struggling to regain feeling. The reality of the situation sinks in, and she realizes that something inexplicable and dangerous has happened. With tears welling in her eyes, she cries out for her mom once more.

ANNE: Mom!!! I can't feel my hand!!



Chapter 2:Three Flower Candies on Top



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