As always they are so noisy, they always talk about their relationship with their boyfriends. Ahh' I'm tired of it' after all they are domain. I always use as a trash because I sink, dirty, creepy I alway smiling, it because all of you bitch you keep on my way, I want normal life there nothing with that you know.

As usual it always happens everyday I have no excuse what they gonna do.

"Hey pig' wh'y ar' you gr'ling' you cre'py'"

It because of you bitch' as always you running your mouth some nasty slot'

"N-nothing i-just-"

"Omh' yo'u pig' just die already."

You bitch it because of you, you black-mail me curse you, if you don't go there during my Courting with a girl's it because of you she run away 

"Hey Did you see that guy'" 

"What that creepy person "

Stop-stop don't say anything I'm just want to disappear I'm tired of it 

They always talk about me it because I became slave of that girl. You running your mouth on me bicth I-kill you! 

"Ommh' pig' wha' are you doing' he're. Just hurry you slow pig! "

"Shit -shit you going to pay this shut -up you bicth-"

Ho'hh you that your true color. 

Shut up bitch how their you to do this to me I'm tired of it just die-

Shut up pig you no used to me I find a new dog that why shho'h

Shut up- bitch-! 

When she pushed me I see an tricycle. That the last thing I se before I die so this is the end! 

Rexdai Creator

Hi I'm carl baga'y I'm 18 year old or so but their are unexpected thing happened to me I get killed by a tricycle.