Cod'ed reincarnate 

Chapter tw0 reborn and awakeness 


"'Hi I'm carl baga'y I'm 18 year old or so but their are unexpected thing happened to me 

I get killed by a tricycle.

Why there are self's introduction? This end you know."

When he thought this his end he remembered his painful memories about how he abused by hi's classmates. 

They laughed at him he nothing but embarrassing He only want an normal but because of bullies he haven't done anything but humiliation.

"'Ahh' I regret that time if I didn't do that I never hit by the tricycle."

"You know the only thing I done are errald for them they are so noisy. They are so dangerous to know They despised me because of a man, so when they got angry, they became proud of their quarrel and pushed me out of the way, and this is the worst when they pushed me away, they told me that I was ugly, don't interfere with it. That's why I'm afraid of women. Ahhh' so this feeling when you die."

                   " Ahhh'! Whha' "

                        ' Hmm' '

                 "Whaahh' whahhha'"

           " Cryi'ng' ah hello' b-baby?"

                      'Ghaa' ahhh'"

To annoying why there are child crying?

'Ghaaahh ghaah laaah? 

"Ammh? what is that why everytime I say something, someone crying like a crazy "

          Ahhhgaaloohh' ghaahh'! 


             [Yes my dear, here here. ]

         [Are he' okay he' crying so much?]

              Are-what going on? 

                   Ahhaha' ahhah'? 

            [ My dear' our son are genius!]

                     [ Yeah yeah. ]

           What going on? Hmm boob's 

         [My, he awake! Our little son']

                  [Yeah he awake ]

        Haaah ghaaa! (what what?)

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